College Council

Meeting Frequency: Fourth Thursday of each month
Meeting Time: 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Griffin Gate




5/23/24 Agenda


Flag Request for Pride Month

Classified Staffing Rankings 

Recommendation for Student Art Mural on Canvas for Student Center

Recommendation from Student Success & Equity Committee

Strategic Hires:

Computer Helpdesk and Web Support (CL-00582)

Custodian (CL-00460)

4/25/24 Agenda




Facilities Priorities Ranked List

Pride Flag Request

Strategic Hires:

General Maintenance Worker Sr (CL-00330)

A&R Assistant Sr. (CL-00225)

4/4/24 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

Researcher (New)

Custodian (CL-00429)

CVT Faculty (IN-00035)

Administrative Assistant IV (CL-00512)

A&R Assistant Sr. (CL-00092)

Baccalaureate Degree Programs in CA Community Colleges

2/22/24 Agenda Minutes

Technology Requests Rankings

Faculty Staffing Requests Rankings

Support for Operations that Impact Success of the Student Equity Plan Recommendation




*12/7/2023     Canceled
11/30/2023 (Zoom) Agenda Minutes

Flag Request-Black History Month

Annual Unit Planning Process

Strategic Hires:


Curriculum Specialist

Administrative Assistant II/Athletics

Health Services Nurse

Counseling Supervisor

Financial Aid Assistant Sr.

Health Services Supervisor

ARC Counselor

Financial Aid Technician

UMOJA Counselor

10/26/2023 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

OTA faculty

Athletic Maintenance Lead

Specialty Lab Technician III/Ceramics


Financial Aid Technician

9/28/2023 Agenda Minutes

Draft Governance Handbook

Pride Flag Request

Strategic Hires:

Administrative Assistant III/AHN

Student Success Liaison

Student Success Liaison

Tutoring Center Specialist

Financial Aid Director

Financial Aid Advisor

Financial Aid Supervisor

Student Services Specialist/Outreach

General Maintenance Worker Sr/HVAC

Student Services Specialist

SSSP Program Specialist

8/24/2023 Agenda Minutes

Governance Topics / Issues

Draft Governance Handbook

Draft Meeting Schedule

Strategic Hires:

Child Development Center Aide

Science Lab Technician - Biology

Health Professions Specialist

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Administrative Assistant III/A&R

Instructional Operations Supervisor

7/27/2023     No Meeting - Summer Break
6/22/2023     No Meeting - Summer Break
5/25/2023 Agenda Minutes  
4/27/2023 Agenda  Minutes

2023 Flag Request Application


ACCJC Update


College Council Recommendation Form


Grossmont College Governance and Decision Making Handbook


Governance Handbook Update Presentation


Strategic Hires:

Associate Dean of Athletics

Business Services Specialist

Director - Instructional Technology

EOPS/CARE Administrative Assistant II

Graphic Designer

Research and Planning Analyst

Vice President of Academic Affairs


3/23/2023 Agenda Minutes

Technology Prioritized Request List


Strategic Hires:

Athletics Coordinator/Counselor

Biology Lab Technician

Facilitator III


Philosophy Instructor

Sculpture Technician

Theater Arts Instructor


2/23/2023 Agenda Minutes

2022-2023 Classified Staffing Prioritization Committee Memo


Components of a Staffing Plan


Grossmont College Strategic Goals and Objectives


Grossmont College Handbook Final Draft 


1/26/2023     No Meeting


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/1/2022 Agenda Minutes

Facilities Project Request 2022-2023


Faculty Staffing Prioritization Committee Recommendation Memo 2022-2023


GCCCD Tech Summit Responses


Strategic Hire:

Financial Aid Assistant CL-00423

Financial Aid Tech CL-00081

ALC Dean Administrative Assistant III

11/24/2022     Thanksgiving Holiday - No Meeting
10/27/2022 Agenda Minutes

Student Equity Plan Presentation


Governance Handbook Working Document V5


Governance Review Evaluation Timeline


Strategic Hires:

A&R VA Specialist 

9/22/2022 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

A&R Assistant CL-00172

A&R Assistant CL-00184

CA Facilitator

Library Tech II CL-00207

Library Tech II CL-00581

CDC Aide CL-00236

CDC Aide CL-00445

Professional Development Training Assistant

Vice President of Administrative Services

8/25/2022 Agenda Minutes  
7/28/2022     Summer Break - No Meeting
6/23/2022     Summer Break - No Meeting 
5/26/2022 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

Administrative Assistant IV - Academic Affairs

Assistive Technology Alternate Media Specialist

Biology Faculty

Nursing Faculty

4/28/2022 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

Custodial Supervisor

Dean - LTR


Dream Center Counselor

Health Professions Specialist

Respiratory Therapist

Sculpture Instructor

Student Services Assistant

Student Mental Health Counselor

(Temporary) Nurse

Theater Instructor


Facilities Committee Recommendation


2022-2028 Strategic Plan Goals

3/24/2022 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

Custodian, Senior - Swing Shift

Director of College and Community Relations

Senior Dean - CPIE


Faculty Prioritization List 


Technology Committee Prioritization List:

Prioritization Request List

Biology Laptops

ESL Guided Self-Placement

iSpring Licensing 

3D Ultrasound

2/24/2022 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

Business Services Specialist

Student Services Assistant - Counseling

1/27/2022 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

CDC Aide

Counseling and Assessment Supervisor

Faculty Evaluations Assistant

Outreach Coordinator


January 6th Strategic Hires:

Custodial Supervisor

Financial Aid Assistant

Financial Aid Assistant Senior

Chemistry Lab Tech III


Grossmont College ACCJC Follow-Up Report





Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/2/2021 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hire:

Career Services Specialist


Facilities Committee Project Requests:

1. Art Exhaust

2. Mental Health Office Space

3. Biology Lab Cabinets


Updated Personnel Hiring Documents (PE)





Accreditation Update Power Point

11/25/2021     CAMPUS CLOSED - Thanksgiving holiday
10/28/2021 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

Administrative Assistant III - Counseling Services

AOJ Forensic Tech

Dean - Arts, Languages, & Communication

Dean - Math, Natural Sciences, Exercise Science &


EOPS Programs Specialist

Health Services Nurse


Updated Governance Review &

Evaluation Timeline

9/23/2021 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

Faculty, Pediatric Nursing

A&R Administrative Assistant Senior Position 1

A&R Administrative Assistant Senior Position 2

Associate Dean of EOPS

8/26/2021 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hires:

CDC Assistant SR

Faculty Evaluations Assistant

Health Services Specialist

Library Tech II

Student Affairs - Administrative Assistant III


Participatory Governance Survey Reports:

Budget Committee

College Council

Facilities Committee

Professional Development Committee

Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Student Success & Equity Committee

Staffing Committee

Technology Committee

Fall 2020 Participatory Governance Survey


Recovery with Equity

Accreditation and Strategic Plan Update

Timeline for Review of Vision and Mission

Governance Review and Evaluation Timeline


7/22/2021 Agenda Minutes Summer Break - No Meeting
6/26/2021 Agenda Minutes


Summer Break - No Meeting

5/27/2021 Agenda Minutes  
4/22/2021 Agenda Minutes  
3/25/2021 Agenda Minutes  
2/25/2021 Agenda Minutes  
1/28/2021 Agenda Minutes

Facilities Request Prioritization


Facilities Committee recommendation


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/24/2020     CAMPUS CLOSED - winter recess
12/4/2020 Agenda Minutes

Rescheduled for November/December 2020 meetings

Annual Unit Plan (AUP) Technology Prioritization

Biology Technology Request

11/26/2020     CAMPUS CLOSED - Thanksgiving holiday
10/22/2020 Agenda Minutes

Strategic Hire Forms

Athletic Trainer

CDC Aide

CDC Assistant Sr.

Ceramics technician

Library Tech II

Photography/Digital Arts technician

Outreach Coordinator

09/24/2020 Agenda Minutes Accreditation presentation
08/27/2020 Agenda Minutes  
07/23/2020     No Meeting - Summer Break
Accreditation Follow-Up Response - June 2020 Progress Report
06/25/2020     No Meeting - Summer Break
05/21/2020 Agenda Minutes Accreditation Follow-up Response - May 2020
04/23/2020 Agenda Minutes Accreditation Follow-up Response - April 2020
03/19/2020     Cancelled
02/27/2020 Agenda Minutes Strategic Hire
GC 2nd Qtr Budget Update
Participatory Gov. System Evaluation (Yr. 1) Timeline & High-Level Activities
GC Accreditation Response Plan - Feb. 2020
01/23/2020 Agenda Minutes Strategic Hire Packet for 23 Jan. 2020
Presentation: Facilities and Operations
Draft: Scale of Adoption Self-Assessment (SOAA)
Draft: District Technology Plan




Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/06/2019     12.6.19 Facility Request Packet.pdf
Facility Project Request Recommended to College Council.pdf
Faculty Staffing Prioritization Committee Application for 2020-21.FINAL.pdf
10/24/2019     Admin III - Campus Facilities 10-7-19.pdf
Assoc Dean Nursing 10.19.pdf
Custodian PVAC.pdf
Custodian PVAC.2.pdf
Library Technician II.pdf
Annual Unit Plan Draft
Facilities 5-Year Master Plan
FMP Prioritization from Facilities Committee Draft 10-2-19.pdf
Student Health PowerPoint.pdf
09/26/2019 Agenda Minutes Administrative Assistant III - Student Affairs strategic hire 2019.pdfEOPS_CARE Strat Hire Form.pdf
Health Services Nurse Strategic_Hire_Request_7-1-19.pdfPVAC Tech Strategic_Hire_Request_form.2019.2020.pdf
Financial Aid Services Specialist 2019.pdf
08/22/2019 Agenda Minutes Director of Student Development.pdfClassified Staffing Ranking Positions-Summary_FINAL-20190805.pdf
07/25/2019     No Meeting - Summer Break
06/27/2019     No Meeting - Summer Break
05/23/2019 Agenda Minutes PIEC Vision Goal Recommendations_20190517.pdfVision Goals_20190520.pptx
5.23.19 Revised.Clerical.Asst.Increase.Page.1.ALC.SP19.pdf5.23.19 Strategic Hire English 2.pdf
5.23.19 Strategic Hire ESL.pdf5.23.19 Strategic Hire Instructional Media Services Senior.pdf
5.23.19 Strategic Hire Lib Tech III A.pdf5.23.19 Strategic Hire Lib Tech III B.pdf
5.23.19 Strategic_Hire_Request_Tutoring Center Specialist.pdf5.23.19 Student Services Assistant Assessment Assistant May 14.pdf
5.23.19 Strategic Hire - Financial Aid Technician -Federal 2019.pdf
04/25/2019 Agenda Minutes

4.25.19 Strategic Hire - Financial Aid Assistant.pdf4.25.19 - Custodian Strategic Hire
Financial Aid Technician.pdf

EOPS-CARE Associate Dean Draft.pdfjobplacementspecialist_strongworkforce.pdf
Data to Dialogue_Equity Plan SENSE_2019.04.pdfDI Heatmap Handout 2019.04.11.pdf
SENSE 2018 Key Findings.pdf

Priority Reg.pdf

Requisition Form DRAFT.pdf

04/03/2019 Agenda Minutes Rescheduled from March 28th due to Spring Break
02/28/2019 Agenda Minutes

College Council - Governance and Decision-Making Handbook.pdfCollege Council Wordle.pdf
College Council Planning.pdf

Evaluations Advisor Strategic Hire.pdf

Rules of Engagement.pdf

Grossmont College Vision.pdf