Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIEC)


Meeting Frequency: Third Friday of each month
Meeting Time: 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Meeting Location: PIEC Zoom room.



2023-2024 Academic Year

Date Agendas Minutes Documents
05/17/2024 Agenda Minutes


04/19/2024 Agenda Minutes


03/15/2024 Agenda Minutes

KPI Progress Check

Substantive Change Application

Vision Aligned Reporting Initiative

CPIE Research Agenda 23/24

02/23/2024 (off cycle due to Presidents weekend) Agenda Minutes

POCR Presentation

Accreditation Timeline

12/15/2023 Agenda Minutes

S2024 AUP Assessment Timeline & Annual Planning Forum Draft Agenda

11/17/2023 Agenda Minutes

IEPI Peer Review Team Visit Agenda Draft

CPIE Data Use, Sharing. Ethical Standards-Final Draft

23-2024 ASC Meeting Schedule & Timeline

Current AUP Timeline

10/20/2023 Agenda Minutes

Operational Excellence Update

Accreditation Standards

CPIE Data Use, Sharing, Ethical Standards-Draft

Meeting Norms

09/15/2023 Agenda Minutes

2024-New Accreditation Standards

Integrated PR & AUP Cycle

08/18/2023 Agenda Minutes

PIEC Agenda Topics

Guide to CCCCO & Internal Data Dashboards


2022-2023 Academic Year

Date Agendas Minutes Documents
05/19/2023 Agenda Minutes


04/21/2023 Agenda Minutes


03/17/2023 Agenda Minutes


02/16/2023 (off cycle due to Presidents weekend) Agenda Minutes


01/27/2023 Agenda Minutes

KPIs-Setting Targets

ACCJC Midterm Report Action Plan

IE Plan Draft

12/16/2022 Agenda Minutes


11/18/2022 Agenda Minutes

2026 Accreditation Timeline

KPIs-Setting Targets

10/21/2022 Agenda Minutes


09/23/2022 Agenda Minutes

Operational Excellence

Multi-year Road Map


2021-2022 Academic Year

Date Agendas Minutes Documents
05/20/2022 Agenda Minutes

Key Performance Data

Fall 2022 IEPI Grant

2022-2028 Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives -Draft.1

Fall 2022 AUP Timeline

FMP GC Map-Draft

04/08/2022 Agenda Minutes


03/18/2022 Agenda Minutes

2022 Spring Strategic Planning Forum Presentation

03/04/2022 Agenda Minutes

2022-28 Strategic Plan Goals & Objectives DRAFT

Information Sheet ACCJC Follow-Up

SEP Timeline

01/28/2022 Agenda Minutes

GCCCD FMP-1/26/22- 3rd Meeting

Recommended PIEC Purpose & Responsibilities

Governance Feedback from PIEC

12/17/2021 Agenda  Minutes

AUP Newsletter -12/02/21 

Governance Evaluation Timeline

 11/19/2021 Agenda  Minutes  AUP Newsletter -12/02/2021 - Draft
10/15/2021 Agenda  Minutes 

Initial Feedback on F2021 Annual Unit Plans

Integrated Planning Draft

Grossmont Vision and Mission Statement

Updated Governance Review & Evaluation Timeline

 09/17/2021 Agenda  Minutes 

PIEC Updated Norms

Outcomes Assessment Progress

ACCJC Follow-up, SLO Process & Report Timeline

Governance Review & Evaluation Timeline

Hierarchy of College Plans

Draft of Fall Strategic Plan Workshop Outcomes

F2021 GC Environmental Scan Data Preview

 08/20/2021 Agenda  Minutes 

Vision & Mission Review Strategic Plan Timeline

PIEC Purpose & Responsibilities

Environmental Data Scan

2020-2021 Academic Year

Date Agendas Minutes Documents
05/21/2021  Agenda Minutes

Feedback From Spring 2021 Annual Planning Forum

Strategic Planning Next Steps: 2022-2028 Cycle

GOSC-PIEC Feedback

Draft Accreditation Steering Committee C&C

Draft Strategic Planning Committee C&C

04/16/2021 Agenda  Minutes 


03/19/2021 Agenda  Minutes 

Recovery with Equity

Board Administrative Policy Review

BP/AP 3200r Accreditation - 6-year review 

BP/AP 3225r Institutional Effectiveness -6-year review

ACCJC Standards on Institutional Effectiveness    PIEC Purpose and Responsibilities        

02/19/2021 Agenda Minutes


12/18/2020 Agenda Minutes

Administrative Services Outcomes Assessment Plan Proposal Draft

Instructional Annual Unit Plan (AUP) Form

Student Services AUP Form

11/20/2020 Agenda Minutes Fall 2020 Student Services and Academic Affairs Annual Unit Plan (AUP) Update 
10/16/2020 Agenda  Minutes 

Annual Unit Plan (AUP) form 2021-2022

AUP Process Diagram

Fall 2020 AUP Update

Fall 2020 Student Services Outcomes Assessment Plan

09/18/2020 Agenda  Minutes   
08/21/2020 Agenda  Minutes 

Annual Unit Plan (AUP) flow chart

AUP diagram

AUP updated form

Fall 2020 Flex Week presentation




Date Agendas Minutes Documents
05/15/2020 Agenda Minutes

KPIs 2019 - 2020

04/17/2020 Agenda Minutes

Zoom participatory governance guide

03/20/2020 Meeting Cancelled  


02/21/2020 Agenda Minutes


01/31/2020 Agenda Minutes

KPI Matrix

PIEC 101 - Institutional Effectiveness and Equity

12/20/2019 Agenda Minutes

KPI Background - PIEC

PIEC 101 - Institutional Effectiveness and Equity

11/15/2019 Agenda Minutes AUP Diagram Draft 3
10/18/2019 Agenda Minutes

Working Principles KPIs

PIEC presentation

AUP Process Draft 2

Annual Unit Plan (AUP) Version 1

AUP Process Flowchart

09/20/2019 Agenda Minutes aup_template_generic_2019-09-10.pdfworking_principles_kpis_2019-09-19.pdf
08/23/2019 Agenda Minutes Meeting time change 9:00 am -10:20 am

Spring 2019

Date Agenda Minutes Documents
05/17/2019 Agenda Minutes 2019 KPI Summary_20190515.pdfStudent Equity Plan Slides_2019.04.11.pdf
DI Heatmap Handout 2019.04.11.pdf
04/19/2019 Agenda Minutes





03/08/2019 Agenda Minutes  
02/22/2019 Agenda Minutes