Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee (PIEC) Members



Joan Ahrens, Interim Sr. Dean of College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Danielle Feliciano, Classified Co-Chair


Academic Senate Representatives

Krystle Marshall
Natalia Aylett

Lara Braff


Administrators' Association Representatives

Courtney Williams
Niko Crumpton
Wayne Branker


Associated Students of Grossmont College Representatives

Karla Moore


Classified Senate Representatives

Graylin Clavell
Iliana Garcia


Ex-Officio Members
Felicia Kalker, Learning Outcomes Coordinator
Susana Munoz, Data Liaison


Advisory Members

Marshall Fullbright, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Marsha Gable, Interim Vice President of Student Services
Bill McGreevy, Vice President of Administrative Services

Victoria Christine Rodriguez, Research and Planning Analyst

Joyce Fries, Academic Program Review Coordinator

Natalie Ray, Student Service Program Review Coordinator


Proxy Members

Alexis Lytle, Classified Senate



Cindy Emerson, Administrative Assistant III to the Sr. Dean of CPIE