Library Database Login


Find out your credentials for logging in to Library resources.


Campus Username and Password

For most systems on campus, your username will follow this example: 

  • yourfirstname.lastname#####

If your WebAdvisor username has digits at the end of it, include those digits for campus-based resources.


Library Database Credentials

The Library Database has a hard limit on the length of usernames. Your username can only be 20 characters long, including the dot. Your password will be the same, however your username will be shortened (if applicable) to the 20 character max. It will look like this example:

  • yourfirstname.lastna

When logging in to the Library Database, please use the username as explained above, and your college PIN (six-digit date of birth, in the MMDDYY format).


If you have customized your student email or campus network password, use that password instead.


Still Unable to Login to the Grossmont Library Databases?

-You might need to log in to your Grossmont Student email account first.

If you have not logged in to your Grossmont Student email account, please click here to find out how to log in to it. When you do so, you may be prompted to create a new password. Follow the instructions, and once you have successfully logged in to your email, return to the Library database to log in with your newly created password.


-Or if in the past you have registered to attend Cuyamaca College, you may need to access the databases through their Library website at: