New Student Tech Guide

This page is intended to provide some basic information about Technology Services offered at Grossmont College. 




New/Returning Students Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I get a student email address?

Every student is provided a complimentary student email account while enrolled: Learn more by reading here.

How do I log in to the computers?

Your network account is what you use to log in to the computers on campus. It is typically firstname.lastname, initial password is your six-digit college PIN. Learn more about your account credentials here.

Can I download Microsoft Office?

Your student account grants you access to install and use Microsoft Office 365 while attending courses. Find out more about that here.

How do I use/access Self-Service?

Self-Service is the district's registration and student record system used for adding classes, paying fees, and checking grades. Learn more about adding classes using Self-Service here.

Should I buy a printer/how does printing work?

You can print at school for a small fee using the Wepa Now app, email, or school computers. Learn more about Wepa printing here.