Microsoft Office 365 Education


Current Students, Staff and Faculty are eligible to download and install the "Microsoft 365 Education" (M365, formerly O365) applications as well as access cloud versions of popular MS Office applications.


NOTE: The Helpdesks are unable to provide support for the use and installation of Microsoft products.



To access access the Microsoft 365 software on or off campus, visit and login with @GCCCD.EDU email address and password (NOT @STUDENTS.GCCCD.EDU). Learn more about accounts and passwords. If you are unable to login, please contact the helpdesk.


WWW.OFFICE.COM office applications

  • Word (cloud / download)
  • PowerPoint (cloud / download)
  • Excel (cloud / download)
  • Outlook (cloud / download)
  • OneDrive (cloud / download)
  • OneNote (Download only) - See "Download Office 365" below
  • Publisher (PC Download only) - See "Download Office 365" below
  • Access (PC Download only) - See "Download Office 365" below

NOTE: Publisher and Access are PC DOWNLOAD ONLY (there is not a cloud or Apple version)


OFFICE 365 ONLINE (PC / MAC / Chromebook)

Microsoft offers cloud versions of several of their Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that can be accessed from the main 365 dashboard. Files created online will be saved to your OneDrive storage. Please note that, while robust, the Cloud versions are not as full featured as the desktop versions of the applications.



These programs are PC download only and are included with the full Office 365 download. Please see the "Download Office 365" section below for more information.


DOWNLOAD OFFICE 365 install office button

For download-only applications, or if you would prefer to install applications on your personal computer, click on the "install office" button in the upper right corner at If you do not see the Install link, make sure you are logged in with the correct email address. You must login with your email address (NOT Once the software is installed, you will also need to login to the apps on your computer. 


View the official Microsoft guide here.


NOTE: You cannot choose which apps to install, the process will download all of the Microsoft Office Suite including Access, Publisher and Onenote. Your license to the software will expire once you are no longer an "active" student.


MOBILE DEVICE app store logos

Microsoft Office applications are available on Android and Apple Devices from the App store. Once installed, you will be required to login with your @GCCCD email address and password. 


ONEDRIVE  onedrive logo

Each user is provided 1TB of cloud storage via Microsoft OneDrive. You may access it directly by clicking the OneDrive icon from the Microsoft 365 main page or by visiting You may also download the OneDrive application to your computer to actively sync files to the cloud.


Students will retain access to Microsoft 365 (including Outlook and OneDrive) while they are "active" at a GCCCD campus. A student account may be deactivated when they graduate or if they do not attend for 2 consecutive Spring/Fall semesters.