ArcGIS Software Download


You are eligible to access the ESRI ArcGIS software if your instructor has indicated the class curriculum requires use of it. ArcGIS is available as a software download and cloud based application, your instructor will determine which version is used for the class. Follow the steps below to assist with access and download.


NOTE: you must be officially registered for the class before access is granted to ArcGIS. It may take up to 24hr after registration before you can login


ArcGIS Online (Cloud)

To access the ArcGIS cloud software:

  1. Visit and login using your campus email and password
    • We recommend using the Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers
  2. Click on the multiple square "waffle" menu on the upper left
  3. Select the "all apps" link from the "Apps" menu that opens
  4. Select "ArcGIS" under the "Other" section of the "All Apps" menu.  arc gis office link
  5. A verification screen will open, select "Grossmont College". You may also need to verify your identity via text message.

Alternatively, you may access ArcGIS directly at

ArcGIS Pro Download

If you need to download the software to your computer, follow the same steps to login to the cloud and continue as follows:

  1. Once logged into ArcGIS Cloud, click on your profile in the upper right (picture of a face with your name) and select "my settings".
  2. Click on "Licenses" in the left navigation bar
  3. Select "ArcGIS Pro" from the Licenses list
  4. Click "Download"

arcgis pro download

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I can't login to Office

Make sure you are logging in with your current @GCCCD email and password

Visit the Passwords and Accounts guide and read the "Email" section for more information.


Visit the Office 365 guide for more information about Office.

The Canvas link doesn't work
Please visit directly in a web browser or access the ArcGIS site directly at
I can't access Cloud on my Phone/Tablet
Please visit the website on a desktop computer or laptop
I'm having trouble installing the software

Make sure that ArcGIS Pro is compatible with your computer by checking the ESRI system requirements page. If you need additional help installing the software on your personal computer, please visit their installation help page and follow the instructions to "Install ArcGIS Pro and optional components".