Datalink Locations


Datalink scanners are used by faculty and staff members to grade tests and quizzes that have been administered using Scantron forms. The scanners can be found at various locations throughout the campus.


Important note:

Please be aware that most of these locations are behind closed doors that require a key or access card. If you do not already have key/card access to the locations nearest to you, please use the unit at the Library counter (70-155) that is accessible during their regular hours of operation.


Location Department
24-270 Speech
30-146 Biology
30-236 Chemistry
31-102 CDC
31-118 AOJ
34-111 AOJ Lab
34-162 Physics
34-222 Health Professions
34-265 Health Professions
38E-101B ACC
41-132 Exercise Science and Wellness
50-590I Adjunct
52-Hallway (Not available during renovation)
53-545 English Reading Lab
54-518B Office
70-155 Library, 1st floor
100-108 Geography (relocated from 37-300A)

Please click here for instructions on use and troubleshooting of the Datalink 1200 scanners.