Equity Framework

Equity Framework


Our Shared Definition of Equity

Equity is not about equal treatment of all students. Rather, it is about equal outcomes achieved by individualizing the instruction and support for each and every student.

Equity is about all students succeeding, especially when measured according to differences such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, language, family background - the list of diversities within our students goes on and on. This effort had been traditionally referenced as "closing the achievement gaps" between students from the dominant White middle-class norm and students from traditionally underserved or oppressed populations.

"Building an equity in education shifts the focus of responsibility for academic achievement from the students to the professional administrators and teachers who are the educators in the school. Students have to do their part, but the adults in the building need to teach in a way so that all students can succeed."
Linton, 2011


Student Equity Executive Summary 

Student Equity Plan 2019-2022

Student Equity Budget Expenditures 2015-2018


(Broad) Integrative Planning Goals

2017-19 Integrated Plan: Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity, and Student Success and Support Program

Executive summary of the 2017-19 Integrated Plan: Basic Skills Initiative, Student Equity, and Student Success and Support Program

Student Success Integrated Planning Framework


1) Streamline Onboarding
To increase the number of students by streamlining onboarding, deepening collaborations with high school districts, workforce agencies, and additional community partners, in order to reflect our service population. (O/E) *SSSP, Equity
2) Reduce the Number of Excess Units
Reduce the number of excess units completed and time to complete. (R/O) *SSSP, Equity, Basic Skills
3) Reduce the Time from Basic Skills Sequences
To reduce the time it takes students to successfully complete college-level coursework from Math, English, and ESL from campus-wide basic skills sequences. (R/E) *Equity, Basic Skills
4) Improve and Decrease Equity Gaps in 12 Gateway Courses

To improve course success rates and decrease equity gaps in 12 high-enrollment, gateway courses. (R) *Equity, Basic Skills


12 Gateway Courses, "From Where did this Idea Come From?"12 Gateway Courses, "An Introduction and Beginning"

12 Gateway Courses Forum, Sept. 14 (password-protected, District log-on required)

5) Reduce the Percentage on Academic and/or Progress Probation
Reduce the percentage of students on academic and/or progress probation and increase persistence semester to semester. (R/E) *SSSP, Equity, Basic Skills