College Planning & Institutional Effectiveness


Institutional Excellence is as easy as: P.I.E.

Grossmont College values the input of people in identifying those things that we do well, examining those areas where we can benefit from improvement, and utilizing data to inform the decisions that we make.

The planning effort within the college integrates the long-term vision and goals with the annual implementation of strategies by each college department or unit to achieve those goals. The accomplishment of those goals is measured and evaluated through a comprehensive unit review process.


Please visit our district data dashboards website to see data on Grossmont College students' performance and outcomes.


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Grossmont College is accredited by the ACCJC. The Senior Dean of College Planning is the institution's Accreditation Liaison Officer. 


Communications from ACCJC
ACCJC Documents

Please visit the main Accreditation web page for more information.



College Plans, such as the Strategic Plan and Equity Plan


Information about the results of the College Planning process, such as which activities are currently funded, such as the "Did you know?" Documents



Find all areas of Program Review, the Research Agenda, and college Surveys here



Events sponsored of co-produced by the CPIE office, including the Annual Planning Forum and Professional Development Flex Week Workshop materials


Committees & Councils

The Basic Skills Committee reports to the CPIE office and the Sr. Dean of CPIE is the co-chair of the Institutional Effectiveness Council, so information about the activities of these two bodies are found here.

The areas that are under the responsibility of the CPIE Office are listed below and briefly explained, with links to further resources for each.


College Strategic Planning


More information about college planning efforts are found at the Planning page.


Basic Skills

Distance Education

Student Equity

Student Success and Support (SSSP)



Professional Development


Accomplishing the college's strategic goals depends heavily on an effective professional development program. The co-chairs of the Professional Development Office work interactively with the other CPIE Office coordinators to provide the highest quality and most impactful training and thoughtful discussion of teaching, learning and student success. 


Please visit the Professional Development web page for their calendar of events and archived training materials. 


College Annual Planning

  • Institutional ResearchAnnual Planning Goals
  • Annual Planning Calendar
  • TracDat (system used for annual planning and assessment beginning in Fall 2013; for earlier years seeDPM archive below)
    • TracDat Training Schedule (RSVP HERE for TracDat training sessions)
  • Institutional Review Committee (IRC)
    • IRC Scoring Matrix (2015 version)
  • Archived Department Plan Manager (DPM) Proposals
    • 2013-14
    • 2012-13
    • 2011-12
    • 2010-11
    • 2009-10
  • Archived Original 6-year Unit Plans


Members of the CPIE Office take an active role in accessing and compiling data that are needed by the college for informing decision-making and planning. We also work with the RPIE office to implement surveys and collect data at the college level. We compile and interpret these results and share them broadly around campus to make sure all stakeholders are aware of college performance. We also ensure that the data are used to plan and implement activities for continuing improvement in all college areas. Some of these reports/results can be found on the Evaluation web page and include:

  • College Dashboard
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)
  • Student Focus Groups
  • Student Satisfaction Surveys
  • Institutional Surveys

The College Planning Office is also the primary point of contact between Grossmont and the District Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (RPIE) Office. We coordinate with the RPIE Office Research Analysts in order to integrate work being done at the District level and at Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges so that the college's data needs are fulfilled.


Please visit the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District RPIE Office web page for more information.


Student Outcomes and Assessment


The Student Learning Outcomes Coordinator and Institutional Learning Outcomes Coordinator are faculty members on reassigned time who oversee the college efforts to document and improve student learning on campus.  They provide training and leadership to college employees and spearhead regular reviews of data as well as processes and procedures. These Coordinators are members of the Institutional Effectiveness Council and report to the senior dean of the College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness office.


Please visit the SLO web page for the most up-to-date information about our processes and results. 


Program Review


Grossmont College implements systematic program reviews of all Administrative and Student Services areas every three years and of Academic areas every six years. Annual program review updates are used to tie these periodic reviews to the college annual planning cycle. The CPIE office Program Review Liaison assists departments and areas with obtaining and interpreting relevant data for their self-evaluations.


Please visit the Program Review web page for more information.


Basic Skills


The Chair of the Basic Skills Committee is a faculty member with reassigned time for their coordination of developmental education in the Mathematics, English, and English as a Second Language departments. 


Please visit the Basic Skills web page for more information.


Title V Grant

More information coming soon...



The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office maintains several public databases for all community colleges in the state. 


The Student Success Scorecard  is part of the Student Success Initiative and tracks outcomes for COHORTS of students--who start in the same academic year--through the next six years on a variety of metrics.


The CCCCO Data Mart is a database of many college metrics for each college in the state for each academic year. These include demographic data on faculty, staff, and students, student service metrics, courses/sections offered, students success, transfer and wages.




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