College Planning & Institutional Effectiveness


Grossmont College values the input of many people in identifying things that we do well, examining those areas where we can benefit from improvement, and utilizing data to inform the decisions that we make.  The planning effort within the college integrates the long-term vision and goals with the annual implementation of strategies by each college department or unit to achieve those goals.


Please visit our data dashboards to see data on Grossmont College students' performance and outcomes.


Overview of Evaluations

Evaluation is the process of collecting information on the outcomes we got from the activities we planned and implemented, then deciding if we achieved the desired result based on the data.  Then we can use the information to decide to continue the activity or change the activity if needed. Evaluation processes occur at several levels around the college and using different methods:


Key Performance Indicators and the Student Success Dashboard are compiled annually to evaluate college-level outcomes such as student persistence, course completion, and graduation and/or transfer. Outcomes Assessment is used to evaluate student learning in individual courses, at completion of programs, across the general education curriculum, and also to evaluate Student Services and Administrative areas on campus. Student and College Employee Surveys and Focus Group data provide information on how stakeholders perceive the college and our success at both academic and non-academic outcomes, such as campus climate. Program Review  is the process that Academic Departments and Administrative and Student Services units participate in to assess their own strengths and weaknesses and develop plans for continuous improvement. Academic Departments are formally reviewed every six years while the Administrative and Student Services units are reviewed every three years. Each department or unit also updates their periodic reviews with Annual Updates. 



Dr. Joan Ahrens, Interim Senior Dean of College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness




The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office maintains several public databases for all community colleges in the state. 


The Student Success Scorecard  is part of the Student Success Initiative and tracks outcomes for COHORTS of students--who start in the same academic year--through the next six years on a variety of metrics.


The CCCCO Data Mart is a database of many college metrics for each college in the state for each academic year. These include demographic data on faculty, staff, and students, student service metrics, courses/sections offered, students success, transfer and wages.