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Grossmont College Vision, Mission, and Values 

Vision: Empowered through a culture of inclusivity, Grossmont College strives to maintain our student-centered philosophy while working to support the ever-changing needs of our students. Along with ensuring student success, Grossmont College continues to advance our anti-racism and equity work as we venture further into the 21st century.


Mission: Grossmont College serves the diverse population of our surrounding community and beyond by creating clear and accessible pathways to degrees and jobs leading to social and economic mobility for our students. We work collaboratively to cultivate an equitable student-centered learning environment, and we hold ourselves accountable for improving student outcomes through ongoing assessment, evaluation, and data-informed decision making. Grossmont College offers associate degrees; transfer preparation, including Associate Degrees for Transfer; certificate programs; career education and workforce development.



Learning and Student Success
We dedicate our resources and ourselves in support of our students and their pursuits to achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals.


Creativity and Innovation
We value the capacity for ingenuity and originality on our campus and within our community.


Pursuit of Excellence and Continuous Improvement
We strive for excellence in our programs and services. We believe in the capacity for continuous quality improvement in the pursuit of excellence. We accept the challenges of being accountable for our efforts, and strictly adhere to the institution's mission and vision.


We commit to acting and speaking truthfully and responsibly and hold ourselves and others accountable to this standard.


Power of Diversity and Inclusion
We are committed to a climate for learning that considers diverse perspectives to be a powerful component in the education of every individual, valuing and accommodating both differences and commonalities.


We value fair, respectful, thoughtful interactions, based on a positive approach, that promote reflection, foster deeper understanding of phenomena, and permit achievement of common goals.


We value a nurturing and positive approach in all we do, embracing laughter and enthusiasm, as we nurture the development of the whole individual, including the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of each individual.


Grossmont College Strategic Plan 2022-2028

This set of the 2022-2028 Grossmont College Strategic Goals, Objectives, and Performance Measures is intended for internal use.  The official GCCCD Districtwide Comprehensive Strategic and Facilities Plan documents are also provided on this web page.


Grossmont College 2022-2028 Strategic Plan 


GCCCD 2022-2028 Comprehensive Strategic and Facilities Plan 

The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District 2022-2028 Comprehensive Strategic and Facilities plan encompasses the district-wide strategic and facilities planning for the District as well as both Grossmont and Cuyamaca Colleges.


GCCCD Comprehensive Strategic and Facilities Plan Intro 2022-2028

Cuyamaca Comprehensive Plan 2022-2028

Grossmont Comprehensive Plan 2022-2028

District Services 

Equity Plans
Technology Plan 2023-2029

The Technology Plan 2023-2029 is based upon the Strategic Plan. Its primary focus is to provide access to education systems, services and training to the student, faculty and staff communities, and to provide quality administrative, learning and teaching technologies to meet the mission of the colleges.

Strategic Planning Process 

Grossmont College’s 2022-2028 Strategic Planning began in earnest in Spring 2021 at the College’s Annual Planning Forum. Traditionally, the Annual Planning Forum is a one-day college wide retreat held in Griffin Gate. However, during this time, the majority of the College’s students, faculty, staff, and administrators were continuing to work remotely because the COVID-19 pandemic remained in full swing. Therefore, the Office of College Planning & Institutional Effectiveness held three 3-hour virtual planning sessions in Spring 2021 and discussions on the review of the vision and mission—the first step in the strategic planning process—began at this time. One of the themes of the Annual Planning Forum centered upon two of the CCCCO’s Vision for Success Core Commitments to “Always design and decide with the student in mind” and to “Focus relentlessly on students’ end goals.” At the heart of the CCCCO’s Vision for Success is a call for all California Community Colleges to eliminate racial equity gaps not only in student access, success, and completion, but also in terms of pathways to living wage employment.


The College’s desire to align its planning efforts with these commitments is reflected in its new vision and mission statements as well as throughout its five proposed strategic goals (pending approval by Governing Board at its June 2022 meeting). Serving as the College’s North Star, Grossmont College’s vision is to “advance our antiracism and equity work,” and its mission aims to “create clear and accessible pathways to degrees and jobs leading to social and economic mobility for our students.” Accordingly, the College’s primary strategic goal is to strive for educational excellence by “ensuring learning and timely completion of students’ educational goals.


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Strategic Plan 2016-2022

Grossmont College 2016-2022 Strategic Plan

Focusing on Outreach, Engagement and Retention, the new Grossmont College Strategic Plan provides a clear direction for the college over the next six years. 

Strategic Plan 2010-2016