Program Review


What is Program Review?

Program review is a self-evaluation process by which programs assess the extent to which they are meeting their mission, consider the environment in which the program exists, and develop strategies to enhance program effectiveness.

There are different types of program review: Academic, Administrative Units and Student Services Units.


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Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review Calendar:
 The committee is staying current on the 2022-2028 calendarWhat's new for this cycle?


Meetings: Every Wednesday (during Fall and Spring terms) 2:10-4:00, College Conference Room



AHN: Joyce Fries (co-chair) Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, 
ALC: Breanne Ahearn
Academic Senate At-Large: Schorsch Kaffenberger
Counseling: Charles To
CTE: Kelly Menck (co-chair) Administration of Justice,
ESBS:  Leah Cooper, English as a Second Language
MNSESW: James Holden, Chemistry
SLO Coordinator: Felicia Kalker, Library
Data Liaison: Suzy Munoz Math Department

Resource/Advisory Members

Dean of the Division currently under review
Instructional Operations Supervisor
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Sr. Dean, College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness
Academic Senate President (or other officer)

Academic Program Review is an integral part of the total process of curriculum planning, development and implementation at Grossmont College. The information gathered during the review process provides the basis for informed decision-making by the faculty and administration on the allocation of resources to those programs as well as the initiation, expansion, contraction, consolidation and termination of programs. The process not only provides program and department accountability but also provides an opportunity for innovative and effective practices to be shared with the campus community and to tie the work that each department does to the larger strategic goals of the college and to fulfilling the college mission.  The Academic Program Review Committee's goals include:

  • Develop and implement a cooperative, standardized and flexible methodology to facilitate continuous program review (reviewed and updated each cycle).

  • Collect and disseminate relevant information that will provide a basis for long-range curriculum planning and development.

  • Ensure integrity and excellence of academic programs.

All academic departments/programs are reviewed once every six years. During the year in which the program is reviewed, the department/program writes a self-study document including departmental recommendations. The Academic Program Review Committee reviews these documents, requests written follow-up as needed, and meets with the department to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. A summary of commendations and recommendations is prepared by the committee and presented to the department in a meeting with the College President.  A final report summarizing the work of the committee each academic year is distributed to the Academic Senate, Vice President of Academic Affairs, College President, and the Governing Board and made publicly available via the pages linked below.


Current Cycle


Previous Cycles
2010-2016 Program Review Cycle Documents

2003-2009 Program Review Cycle Documents

2017-2022 Program Review Cycle Documents


Student Services Program Review


Student Services Program Review Calendar: Student Services Program Review has completed the 2017-2019 cycle as of June 2019. The process, template, and handbook will be reviewed and updated during the 2019-2020 academic year in preparation for the next 6-year review cycle.


Meetings: 1st and 4th Thursdays from 10:00am-11:30am in the College Conference Room. 



Marsha Gable: Vice President, Student Services
Natalie Ray (Chair): Counselor - General Counseling
Aaron Starck: Dean - Admissions & Records and Financial Aid
Barbara Gallego: Supervisor - Financial Aid

Christine Ho: Counselor - A.R.C.

Carl Fielden: Instructor - English, Counselor - A.R.C.

Veronica Romero: Supervisor - General Counseling
Maria De La Cruz: Program Specialist - EOPS

Alexis Lytle: Grad Coach
Shardai Zaragoza: Grad Coach

Graylin Clavell: Administrative Assistant to the VPSS, Recorder for SSPRC


Resource/Advisory Members
Joan Ahrens: CPIE Dean
SLO Coordinator

Program Review Data Liaison

Professional Development



Purpose: Collaborative peer review of all Grossmont College Student Services, intended to support programs and departments in their efforts to identify and respond to the needs of students and the campus. 


Values: Peer reviewers make a commitment to integrity, professionalism, efficient use of time and resources, positive feedback, and honest critique.


SSPR Outcomes: 

  • Programs will reflect on and document their history, services, members, goals, outcomes, campus partnerships, and needs.
  • Programs will receive feedback in the form of Commendations and Recommendations to identify areas of strength and growth.
  • The SSPR process will contribute to campus planning and resource allocation decisions.
Resources about Transfer Students

Information about Transfer Students

We can access a variety of aggregated data and some data at the major level about where our students transfer to from the public CSU and UC system dashboards. 


The Cal State System provides info on how many students enroll as transfers from each community college by major and by campus at the link below. They additionally provide follow up on these students one year later for enrollment and GPA.


Enrollment Dashboard

On the Fall Term Student Enrollment page click on the "Student Origin" tab. Click on the large orange/yellow box at the top of the page to select "New Undergraduate Transfers from California Community Colleges" and find Grossmont College in the dropdown menu for "Institution of Origin".  Then you can select different discipline areas (middle bottom) that best match to your expected majors.  Graphs to the right show how many total transfers (including showing which have AA/AS or ADT versus no degree) and to which of the UC schools they go.  If you select a "Fall Term" year at least a year ago, the upper right panel will populate with statistics on student persistence into the second year and GPA. 


The University of California System provides data on how many students enroll as transfers from each community college, by major and my campus at the link below.


Info Center Transfers by Major

Click on the "By Community College" tab and find Grossmont in the dropdown menu for Community College.  Scroll down to see the number of enrolled transfers to each UC by major for the last five academic years.