Welcome to the Counseling Center!


We welcome you in Counseling Services and are here to support you and your academic, career, and personal goals.  We offer in-person and virtual counseling services to meet your needs and preferences.  DROP-IN counseling is offered year-round to address immediate needs, such as which courses you need for the upcoming semester.  


Counseling appointments are an opportunity to meet with a counselor for an hour to discuss academic, career, and personal goals, and to develop your Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP), which will act as a roadmap and assist you with future registration.


During busy registration periods there are very limited appointments available, so if you find none are available, please use our DROP IN or Email a Counselor services.  



What can a counselor help me with?

Academic/Transfer Counseling
Career Counseling
Personal/Crisis Counseling 


***Student Services Spring Semester Extended Hours 01/30/2023 - 02/03/2023***

Monday & Tuesday 8AM - 7PM
Wednesday & Thursday 8AM - 6PM
Friday 8AM - 3PM
Saturdays 1/28/23 & 2/4/23 9AM - 1PM