During busy registration periods there are very limited appointments available, so if you find none are available, please use our DROP IN or Email a Counselor services.  


On-campus appointments are held at the Counseling Center located in building 10. Appointments are offered from 8am-4pm Monday-Thursday:


- Comprehensive/Full two year Educational Plan

- Max Unit Financial Aid Petition  

- Choosing a major

- Transfer/Graduation Planning

- Personal counseling (related to academic success)


NOTE: You may login to our system anytime to check for available appointments. If you are unable to make your appointment, please cancel as soon as possible. If appointments are filled, the following message will appear: "There are currently no available appointments." 


*Please note comprehensive planning appointments are serviced outside of the peak times.




On-Campus same day Drop-in is 10-15 minutes with a counselor at the Counseling Center 

(Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm). Students must be present on campus to access this services. Students will be placed on a waiting list to be called by a Counselor.


- Consortium Agreements
- General Petitions for Late Withdrawal
- Quick Questions not related to long-term planning
- Help with Placement Results

- Academic Renewal Petitions

- ESL Educational Plan

- Pass/No Pass Requests

- Unit Overload Petition