Step 3: Activate & Access


Some accommodations may require A.R.C. coordination and need to be activated at the beginning of each semester by completing an online request for accommodation form. These include exam, alternate media (audio books), ASL Interpreter, and Real Time Captioning accommodations. It is recommended to complete your online form(s) after you have registered for new classes, prior to or at the start of each term, or as soon as possible.


You must have approval for the accommodation you are activating. Review your Authorized Academic Accommodations letter for a list of your approved accommodations. For a copy of your accommodations letter, contact the A.R.C. To seek approval for a new accommodation, schedule an A.R.C. counseling appointment.


Activate Testing Accommodations

Activate Alternate Media Books (Audio Books)

Activate for ASL Interpreter & Real Time Captioning (Classroom)

Activate ASL Interpreter & Real Time Captioning (Academic Activity) 


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Important Notes:


Your Authorized Academic accommodations letter confirms your participation with the A.R.C. and summarizes the accommodations approved for you to use for your Grossmont College classes. It is valid for your time at Grossmont College unless there is a "temporary" note or expiration date indicated on your letter. If you wish to request changes to your accommodations, schedule an A.R.C. counseling appointment.  


Use your accommodations letter. You may share your accommodations letter with your instructors to help you dialogue about your services. Due to the voluntary and confidential nature of your services, the A.R.C. does not inform your instructors about your participation. Showing, providing, or emailing a copy of your accommodations letter to your instructors may help you more effectively communicate and use your accommodations. 


Check-in with an A.R.C. Counselor/Specialist regularly. Schedule an appointment with an A.R.C. Counselor/Specialist for disability, academic, career, and personal counseling.


For help choosing classes, meet with an A.R.C. Counselor/Specialist. An abbreviated education plan (AEP) will give you a list of classes for one semester. A comprehensive education plan (CEP) will give you a list of classes for your remaining semesters in order for you to reach your educational goals. This is a roadmap for your certificate, Associate degree, or university transfer. 

Encountering an access barrier to an accommodation? 

Book an appointment with an A.R.C. Counselor/Specialist immediately to address your concerns.