Access to educational content and academic settings for students with disabilities is a priority for the A.R.C. In efforts to support classroom instructors and students with disabilities, the A.R.C. offers the following useful information regarding accommodations and access for students with disabilities, who are enrolled in Grossmont College classes.

  • A.R.C. students using academic accommodations are encouraged to dialogue with instructors in order to facilitate access to accommodations in their classes. These students may show or provide instructors with an Authorized Academic Accommodations letter; however they are not obligated to do so. This letter is simply a tool they can use to communicate about their participation.The accommodations letter is different than testing accommodations paperwork.
  • A.R.C. students have legal rights to access and use the academic accommodations listed on their accommodations letter. If instructors have questions about an approved accommodation or how to best facilitate an accommodation, they may contact the A.R.C. counselor listed on the bottom of the accommodations letter.We suggest instructors avoid declining access to an approved accommodation before connecting with the A.R.C.
  • A.R.C. students planning to use exam accommodations in a Grossmont College class must complete an online Request for Testing Accommodations form in order to set up this accommodation with the A.R.C. Testing Center, who proctors exams for students with disabilities. Once the student completes this online form, the A.R.C. Testing Center will email testing accommodation paperwork to the instructor. The instructor will receive testing accommodation paperwork by email from the A.R.C. Testing Center and NOT from the student. If the instructor has not received testing accommodation paperwork from the A.R.C. Testing Center and the student is requesting to use an exam accommodation, the instructor may ask the student to set-up their exam accommodations with the A.R.C. Testing Center. If instructors have questions regarding exam accommodations, they may contact Janet Shipstead, A.R.C. Test Proctor at 619-644-1758 or email:
  • Student participation with the A.R.C. is voluntary and confidential. Some students with disabilities choose not to participate with the A.R.C. and do not seek accommodations. Keep in mind that A.R.C. students undergo a thorough and interactive process to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations based on the impact of their disability. Disabilities are verified, may be visible or invisible, and can range in terms of diagnosis and impact. Instructors should avoid asking the student to verify their diagnosis or disability and should not question the existence of a disability after accommodations have been established. Please make every effort to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of a student’s disability and participation with the A.R.C. Avoid speaking about a student’s disability and A.R.C. participation publicly. 
  • Students with disabilities or suspected disabilities who are seeking accommodations can be linked to the A.R.C. Information about eligibility and application can be found online or by contacting our office. Students with a suspected disability can contact the A.R.C. for information regarding Learning Disability Testing or other methods to determine eligibility.
  • We invite instructors to share information about the A.R.C. with students. We have an informational powerpoint slide that instructors can include in their course materials. Instructors can also request that we visit their classroom for a brief 15-20 minute informational presentation. Contact to request a classroom presentation.
  • Sample Course Syllabus Statement - consider this:


    Academic Accommodations

    Students with disabilities who may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to notify the instructor and contact the Accessibility Resource Center (A.R.C.) as soon as possible (early in the semester) so that reasonable accommodations may be authorized and implemented in a timely manner.


    Accessibility Resource Center (A.R.C.)
    Location: Building 60, Room 120
    Phone: (619) 644-7112
    A.R.C Website

  • Invite us to your department meeting for a 30 minutes presentation and discussion. There are accommodation best practices and updates we have to share. We hope a visit will strengthen our connections and will ease and clarify accommodation access for you and your students.  Email to book a time.