Academic Senate President Election


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Academic Senate President Election Timeline
10/3/2022 Announce process/call for election committee members
10/17/2022 Call for Academic Senate President nominations over email/announced in Senate meeting 
10/31/2022 by 5:00 pm

Deadline for Nominations and written statements.  Send statements (1 page max) and nominations to the Senate Vice-President at Steve.Davis@gcccd.edu.


The Senate Vice President will send this information via email to "All Faculty".  Written statements from candidates will be attached to the online voting form and placed on the Academic Senate website.

11/7/2022 at 11:00 am Speeches at the Academic Senate meeting (5 minutes max).
 11/7/2022    Voting opens after Senate meeting.  Email will be sent to all faculty. 
 11/28/2022 A reminder to vote will be sent to all faculty. 
 11/30/2022 @ 11:59pm  Voting closes
 12/5/2022  Results announced in Senate; President will serve from June 2023 until June 2025. 


Academic Senate Election Rules