The Professional Advancement Committee (PAC) manages Academic Rank petitions, Distinguished Faculty awards, and Tenure Track committees.


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Charge & Composition


Current Committee Members
Allied Health & Nursing Andrea Dyal
Arts, Languages & Communication

Nancy Boskin-Mullen

Evan Wirig

Jennifer Bennett

Counseling & Student Development MariaDenise Aceves
Career Technical Education/Workforce Development David Iorillo
English & Social/Behavioral Sciences Richard Unis
Learning and Technology Resources Nadra Farina-Hess (chair)
Mathematics, Natural Science, Exercise Science & Wellness Martin Larter


Academic Rank Policy: Full-Time Faculty

Academic Rank Policy: Part-Time Faculty

Academic Rank Policy: Emeritus Faculty

Criteria for Academic Rank



The application period for the 2023/24 academic year has passed. Links to applications for the 2024/25 academic year will go live spring 2025

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Emeritus Application: Please contact Nadra Farina-Hess at 619.644.7283 for application


Important Dates

Academic Rank Application Deadline: Monday, March 4, 2024

Academic Rank Committee Meets to Review Applications: Friday, March 8, 2024

Academic Senate Meeting:  Monday, March 18, 2024 

Annual College Recognition Ceremony: Thursday, May 9, 2024 3:00 to 5:00

Each year, the Academic Senate designates one part-time faculty and one full-time tenured faculty as Distinguished Faculty awardees. Nominators should read the requirements  pertaining to the Distinguished Faculty award, consult with the nominee and other faculty members, and complete the nomination form.

Distinguished Faculty Award: Requirements & Nomination Form

(Download Word document)

Important Dates

Distinguished Faculty Nomination Deadline: March 22, 2024

Distinguished Faculty Award Information
Eligibility for award: Full-time tenured faculty and Part-time faculty
Selected by: Professional Advancement Committee (Faculty) from pool of candidates nominated and forwarded by Division Selection Committee.
Process organized by: Academic Senate Officers Committee
Selection criteria:

Four criteria established by Academic Senate.
Nominee should show a commitment to excellence:

  1. In teaching, or in the performance of other assigned duties;
  2. As a faculty member who has contributed to his/her discipline;
  3. Through an active and involved role in campus affairs; and
  4. By involvement in the community as a representative of the college.
Selection schedule: Nominations solicited in the late spring. Recipient(s) announced in August during President's Convocation.
Other recognition: Presentation to Governing Board; Photo in Library; Photo and Bio appear in college catalog; acknowledgement at the Annual Recognition Awards Ceremony; Leads Commencement march at graduation ceremony; Story and photo in Campus Scene, press release distribution. Recipient(s) receive a $500 award, funded by the Foundation Office, and receive medallions.
Past Recipients
Award Date Distinguished Faculty Recipient

Fall 2023

Gregg Robinson (FT)

Fall 2022

Sharon Sampson (FT)

Tara Venn (PT)

Fall 2021

Elizabeth (Liz) Barrow (FT)

Tom Washington (PT)

Fall 2020

Sue Gonda (FT)

Craig Milgrim (FT)

Fall 2019

Irene Palacios (FT)

Julie Hansen (PT)

Fall 2018

Oralee Holder (FT)

Richard Unis (PT)

Fall 2017 Michael Golden (FT)
Astrid Ronke (PT)
Fall 2016 Marion De Koning (FT)
Shaun Donelson (PT)
Fall 2015 Jeff Lehman (FT)
Fall 2014 Yolanda Guerrero (FT)
Michael Lambe (PT)
Fall 2013 Chris Hill
Fall 2012 Gary Jacobson 
Fall 2011 Janice Johnson 
Fall 2010 Sue Jensen
Fall 2009 Renee Tuller
Roxanne Tuscany
Fall 2008 Edda Temoche Weldele
Fall 2007 Debbie Yaddow
Fall 2006 Gary Phillips
Fall 2005 Mary Rider
Fall 2004  Zoe Close 
Fall 2003 Laura Burger
Mel Amov
Fall 2002 Jerry Baydo
Les Lawrence
Tenure Track Committees

Peer & Manager Evaluation Forms

Below are links to the peer/manager evaluation forms. Please note that there are different forms for Online Instructors, Coaches, Counselors, DSPS Specialist Counselors, and Librarians. 


Each form outlines the categories for evaluation as based on the official job description.


Instructor Evaluation Form

Online Instructor Evaluation Form

Coaching Evaluation Form

Counselor Evaluation Form

DSPS Specialist Counselor Evaluation Form

Librarian Evaluation Form



Training for newly formed Tenure Review Committees takes place at the start of each fall semester. Presentation file may be accessed here 



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