Online Request for Degree and/or Certificate


Deadlines to Apply for Degree/Certificate
Fall 2023

October 13, 2023
4pm online
The deadline has passed.  To be considered for Fall 2023, please submit an Evaluations Petition

Spring 2024

March 8, 2024
4pm online


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How to submit an online request for Degree and/or Certificate


  1. Fill out the online application 
    1. Please use this link for instructions 

  2. You may use accent marks in your diploma name.  Check for allowable accent marks prior to clicking on the online application. 

  3. An Evaluation for Graduation will be mailed to you (at the address you provided on your Request for Degree and/or Certificate) approximately 6-8 weeks after the term begins .  For inquiries please call your Evaluations Advisor.  (Please note, we are closed weekends and holidays.)
Accent Marks

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