International Student Orientation


Fall 2024 Orientation Dates

Spring 2025 Orientation Dates

  1. May 28, 2024
    (for transfer students only - In Person)

  2. August 1, 2024
    for transfer and home country students)
    Format is Online + In Person.
    In-person date is posted above

  3. August 15, 2024
    (Late Comer's Orientation - with approval from International Admissions)
    Format is Online + In Person.
    In-person schedule is posted above
  1. December , 2024
    (for transfer students only)

  2. January , 2025
    for transfer and home country students)

  3. January , 2025
    (Late Comer's Orientation - with approval from International Admissions)
    Format is Online + In Person.
    In-person schedule is posted above

Fall 2024 Term Dates

Spring 2025 Term Dates

  • August 19, 2024 - classes begin
  • December 16, 2024 - semester ends
  • February 1, 2025 - classes begin
  • June 2, 2025 - semester ends


Grossmont College requires all new international students to attend an International Orientation Program. Orientations for new students are held four weeks prior to the fall semester and three to six weeks prior to the spring semester.  Specific dates will be mailed upon acceptance to Grossmont College. Please note that students who fail to attend orientation will not be permitted to enroll in classes at Grossmont College and will have their admission to Grossmont College canceled. It is your responsibility to make flight arrangements which will enable you to attend orientation.


The orientation consists of an online portion through Canvas and a one day in-person session. In the online Canvas class contains: the English / Math Placement Assessment, introduction to the campus, resources available to students, the California educational system, registration and payment processes. Please see a brief description of the program listed below.


You may also check our website to view the current catalog and class schedule (if available) for the next semester. Bring a copy of your foreign or U.S. university transcript with you to the orientation.


Remember, classes at Grossmont College fill up quickly. Your attendance at an early orientation will increase your ability to register in the classes of your choice. Students who attend the last orientation may find many classes full.


Online Orientation Program

Will contain all of the aspects of the program described below in a canvas class that is self paced, with access to live zoom meetings, so that you will have experience with the software needed to succeed at Grossmont College.


On Campus In-Person Orientation Program

Campus Tour, U.S. Educational System


Make sure to bring your passport, visa, I-20, and I-94 number print-out for check-in.  


There will be staff presentations on Tips for Choosing Classes in the upcoming and future semesters, Staff presentations on the U.S. Educational System, Public Safety, Tips for College Success, Self-Service Log-In & Class Search, and the International Club as well as a campus tour.


The orientation is an interactive experience and casual. 


Meeting with Counselor, F-1 Requirements, ESL Program, and Registration


F-1 Immigration Regulations, the Registration Process, and the ESL Program will be presented by faculty / staff and the student will have an opportunity to meet with a counselor one-on-one to go over course recommendations.


Food will be provided for the session. Please note any dietary restrictions on the reservation form.


Students MUST attend the international student orientation in order to register for classes.  Students who fail to attend the orientation program IN FULL will have their admission to Grossmont College canceled.


Initial Costs Reminder

New students should have registered before the in-person orientation session, but changes can be made after meeting with a counselor. Full payment for classes or enrollment in the Payment Plan option is due immediately upon registering.  


Full payment may be made using Visa/MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit cards, a personal check (from a U.S. bank), a money order, or traveler’s checks (in U.S. dollars). Wire transfers are also accepted.


Students are able to split payments using the Nelnet Payment Plan. This option costs $25 to enroll, and allows students to pay an immediate 25% down payment followed by up to three monthly payments. The Payment Plan must be linked to a U.S. bank account.


In addition to class fees, students need to bring enough U.S. Dollars to pay for airport shuttle, hotel, books, medical insurance, and the first few months of living expenses (rent, meals, etc.).  You may wish to bring $5,000 or more to cover these initial expenses.  For your own safety and protection, please remember to safeguard your money, passport, and personal belongings.



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