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Parking Permits

The following permit codes have been reserved for our off-campus Literary Arts Festival guests and should be used at a campus parking kiosk to obtain a printed dashboard permit valid for the day of use only.  (For more info, see "Parking.")


Daily Parking Codes

Monday, April 22 Tuesday, April 23 Wednesday, April 24 Thursday, April 25
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Below, you'll find directions and other helpful information about our Festival venue, including details about accessibility and book purchases. (See also "Visit Campus" on the College's main website.) To explore the history of the Grossmont College Literary Arts Festival, discover more about our Creative Writing Program, or learn about our Festival's sponsors and supporters, select from the submenu at left.


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Event Venue: Griffin Gate

With the exception of the New Voices Student Reading on Tuesday, April 21, all of the events of the 24th Annual Literary Arts Festival will be held in the Griffin Gate, a conference and performance venue located in the Griffin Student Center, Building 60, at the southeast corner of the Grossmont College campus--situated directly across from the Barnes and Noble campus bookstore. 


The following are suggested directions to the Grossmont College campus:

Interstate 8

Using public transportation

Grossmont College is available to MTS Bus Route 854, by which connections can be made from other bus routes and from the San Diego Trolley System. More information about routes and timetables is available from the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System website. 

Using a bicycle

Bicycle riders should investigate surface streets with bicycle lanes and official bicycle routes before journeying to the campus. Bicycle racks are conveniently located near all major campus entry points.


Note: Skateboards, hoverboards, Segways, bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, and all other personal transportation devices not recognized to be mobility aids, are strictly forbidden anywhere on the campus walkways.


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With the exception of disabled parking spaces, permits are required to be displayed on all vehicles parked on the Grossmont College campus. Visitors should use general student parking spaces and display on their front dash a one-day parking permit, available from the permit kiosks located in all parking lots as well as in the southwest corner of the parking structure, ground floor.


Parking Lot 7 at the southeast entrance to the campus, or the Parking Garage on the east side of the campus, are recommended as the closest to the Griffin Gate. Ordinarily, one-day parking permits are $2 and are valid for the date and time issued. However, as a convenience to our off-campus LAF visitors, Grossmont College Parking Services has authorized permit codes for general use during the week of the Festival. See "Parking Permits" at the top of this page for the daily permit codes.


Once on campus, visitors will find signage directing them on foot to the venue. If you are a first-time visitor to Grossmont College and you have any trouble finding Griffin Gate, just ask any faculty or staff, and they'll be more than happy to help. Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about campus parking are available on the District's Health and Safety website. You can find additional help at "Maps & Directions."


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For our Festival evening events, the Grossmont College Accessibility Resource Center--formerly known as Disable Students and Services Program (DSPS)--has arranged for American Sign Language interpreters to be on hand to accommodate our hearing disabled patrons.


Grossmont College campus, including its walkways and parking areas, is accessible to wheelchairs and other ambulatory aides considered to be medically necessary. Likewise, Griffin Gate and the adjoining Griffin Center are wheelchair accessible venues.


Two all-gender public restrooms are situated outside the main doors of the Griffin Gate venue and are wheelchair accessible. However, if additional accommodations are needed, students and community patrons are encouraged to contact our campus's Accessibility Resource Center (formerly the Disabled Student Services & Programs) in advance of their visit.


Purchasing Books at the Literary Arts Festival

Because our guest writers provide opportunities for book signings after their readings, selected Literary Arts Festival events will make books available for purchase. In most cases, book sales will be managed by official campus Barnes & Noble personnel, who will accept payment by cash, credit and debit card. However, ATM machines, also, are located in the Student Center (Building 60) and in the Administration/Student Services Building (Building 10).



Food, Health and Safety

The Griffin Food court, located in the Griffin Center (next to the main Literary Arts Festival venue), operates between the hours of 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM, and accepts cash or credit card purchases. However, unless refreshments by a licensed vendor are specifically provided at an LAF event, food and open drink containers are not permitted at Festival venues. We kindly request that you deposit any food and drink discards into designated trash receptacles outside of an LAF venue.


Unlicensed alcoholic beverages are also forbidden and may not be brought onto the campus during the festival events. 


As of Jan. 1, 2009, Grossmont College has become a smoking-free and tobacco-free environment. Smoking and chewing tobacco are not permitted anywhere on the Grossmont College campus. For more information about the Smoking Ordinance Board Policy, please visit Grossmont College's "Smoking Policy" web page. 


For your health safety and convenience, antimicrobial hand sanitizer dispensers are accessible across the campus and in all restrooms. 


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