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The annual Fall Reading Series (a.k.a., Fall Authors Series) presents a season of events celebrating literature, showcasing award-winning authors, and honoring the inspiration to write.  Events are sponsored by the English Department and Creative Writing Program of Grossmont College, as well as a variety of other campus agencies and programs. 


Thursday, September 26

Celebration of Banned Books Reading

7 - 9 PM, Griffin Gate

2002 Banned Books poster

English faculty Joe Medina hosts and organizes this popular annual event celebrating National Banned Books Week.  Faculty and students present topics on censorship, censure, banned literature and controversial literary themes and topics. This year’s presentations include

  • Michelle Blackman, Librarian: "Library and Historical Analysis

  • Tony Ding, English Instructor:  D.H. Lawrence

  • Dr. Oralee Holder, English Instructor: Walt Whitman

  • Bill Dyke, Parent an Teacher: J.D. Salinger

  • Gina Esparz, Student: Michelle Serros

  • Dr. T. Ford, Counselor: Zora Neal Hurston

  • Michelle Goins, Student: Sandra Cisneros

  • Heather Walls, Nurse and Student:  J.K. Rowling

  • Gerald Lopez, English Dept. Chair (Granite Hills High School): Mark Twain



San Diego Playwrights Project

7:30 PM, Griffin Gate

2002 FRS San Diego Playwrights Project logo

The local chapter of the nationally acclaimed Playwrights Project visits Grossmont College for an evening of presentations and activities designed to inspire young people to write their own stage play and to discover their creativity through the dramatic process.


Tuesday, November 19

Student Prose and Poetry Reading

7:30 PM, Griffin Gate

2002 Fall Student Reading zine cover


The fall edition of the biannual student showcase of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, and other word art.  This semester's student readers include

  • Kate Callagy, "A Pause," and "Variation On the Word Dance"

  • Kathleen Elliott-Garoy, "Thin Places"

  • Marylin Haidri, "A Heritage of Ink"

  • Gabe Harris, "The Dark Corner"

  • Jessica Hector, "Shannon's House"

  • Robert Hoffman, "Miserable Playmates"

  • Una Nicholas Hynum, "Seasoning"

  • Ronnie Jackson, "A Rush of Blues"

  • Andrea Kenney, "Feigning Sanity"

  • Heather King, "Splitting the Bill"

  • San Knight, "What I Saw Across the Street From Tower Records," and "Mother's Day"

  • Elizabeth Leavitt, "The Horse"

  • Ruben Sancho Martinez, "Picture"
  • Jannifer Miller, "Sunday Morning"
  • Ray Nessly, "Ad Infinitum..."
  • Shannon O'Neil-Huntoon, "A Final Meeting"
  • Khalif Price, "A Response To Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man: Alas We Be"
  • Erene Rallis, "Waking"
  • Julie E. Stamp, "Endless Sea," and "Night Magic"
  • R.H. Stead, "Song Of Scholarship"
  • Sarah Stern, "It Was a Color, a Shape"
  • T.J., "Say Words Spoken As Though They Spoke"
  • Marg Wafer, "In Response To Anne"
  • Christina Weeks, "Ode To Sylvia Plath"
  • Pattie Wells, "One Night At the Rocket"