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Mission Statement

The faculty of the Grossmont College English Department endeavor to advance the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills of students so that they may appreciate a variety of cultural perspectives and participate autonomously and successfully in academic, artistic, civic, vocational, and/or professional communities. 

Fall 2021 Late Start Classes

English 120 + 020

12-Week classes, starting September 13

  • ENGL 120-0014 + ENGL 020-0015 (DE) - Ingrid Jayne

8-Week classes starting October 11

  • ENGL 120-0017 + 0018 ENGL 020-0018 (DE) – Christen McGaughey-Gilreath

English 120

12-Week classes, starting September 13

  • ENGL 120-0016 (DE) - Thea Bachmann

8-Week classes starting October 11

  • ENGL 120 -0019 (DE) Tracy Brooks Hardin

English 124

12-Week classes, starting September 13

  • ENGL 124-9692 (DE) - Stacie Hankinson

8-Week classes starting October 11

  • ENGL 124-0020 (DE) – Ryan Willingham
  •  ENGL 124-0021 (DE) – Ryan Willingham

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Dr. Cindi Harris


Dr. Tate Hurvitz



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If you have a question about placement or need more information about summer or fall courses, we are available this summer to meet with you.

Project Success / 020 Support

Enroll in a learning community next semester in Project Success, the Grossmont College English Department’s linked courses program. Download our PDF fliers and visit the PROJECT SUCCESS site for more info.


Spring 2022 PS Offerings

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2021 Fall Readings Series

Details for the Fall Readings Series are Here!

The Creative Writing Workshops for Fall 2021

Fa 21 All Creative Writing Workshops

All Fall 2021 Creative Writing Classes

Fall 2021 Poetry Workshop

Poetry Workshop

Fall 2021 Short Fiction Workshop

Short Fiction Workshop