Digital Signage

Digital Signage services are cloud-based and offered in conjunction with our vendor, Reach Media Network.


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  • Slides must either be in a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio in Landscape or Portrait Format. There are separate playlists for portrait displays (PVAC) and landscape (everywhere else).different aspect ratios of images
  • File Format - Slides must be an appropriate format: .JPG, .PNG, .PPTX (powerpoint), .PDF, .MP4 (video)
  • Resolution (image size) - Slides should be designed at a 4K resolution (3840x2160) with a DPI of 72. The Templates are pre-set for this. You cannot add a slide that is not in a 1080p or 4k format.
  • Audio is not permitted as part of your videos/slides. There may be exceptions for department specific displays and specific displays during special events.
  • Captions must be burned in  on any slide with audio or speaking/sounds. It is best practice and a requirement to display captioning for accessibility on public facing content.
  • Schedule - Slides must have a defined start and end date. For events, slides may run up to 1 month before the event start and will stop on the event end date.
  • Design Best Practices - Slides should be easy to read with limited text in a large font. Colors and fonts should be "simple". Include relevant details - dates, times, locations, QR code, etc). See this Guide for Best Practices of Design.visual of a cluttered and better designed slide

Design Templates


Please refer to the campus posting guidelines and office of student affairs.