Grossmont College owns and controls its name, logos, insignias, and seals, and they are strictly for district and college use only. 


For official materials for the district and college, the Grossmont College logo is available to download.


For branding, marketing and accountability reasons, it is important that all printed materials, web pages and official correspondence, as well as promotional and outreach materials produced and used by the college, display the college logo clearly and consistently. 




To ensure consistent representation, the logo cannot be altered or distorted in any way. Do not change the color, alignment or spacing of the icon (shield) or text. 


Do not enclose the logo inside other artwork, such as clip art or shapes.


Always make sure the logo prints no smaller than 7/8" across for the primary, or vertical, logo and 1 1/2" wide for the secondary, or horizontal, logo. 


For more information, please refer to the Grossmont College Brand Guidelines or contact 


Grossmont College Logos


  Color White Black
Icon  Grossmont College Logo Color Icon Grossmont College Logo White Icon Grossmont College Logo Black Icon
Horizontal  Grossmont College Logo Color Horizontal Grossmont College Logo White Horizontal Grossmont College Logo Black Horizontal
Vertical  Grossmont College Logo Color Vertical Grossmont College Logo White Vertical Grossmont College Logo Black Vertical



Download Grossmont College Logos