Military Credit


Students who would like to earn military credit at Grossmont College must do the following:


  1. Be a current student at Grossmont College currently enrolled
  2. Submit official military transcripts also know as Joint Service Transcript (JST or SMART) to Grossmont College
  3. Submit Military Credit Request Form to building 10 Veteran Affairs Office (VAO) or via email We recommend you wait 2 weeks after you submit your military transcript before you submit your Military Credit Request Form because the Military Credit Request Form cannot be processed until we have your military transcripts and sometimes it can take at least 2 weeks for processing.

After your evaluation is complete you will get an e-mail with your Military Credit Request Form back showing the credit you earned from your military transcripts at Grossmont College. Military Credit can be used toward any Grossmont College Associate Degree including Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT). A maximum of 20 units of military credit will be allowed. Military credit can be counted toward graduation as general education or elective credit only, unless specifically accepted by a department for use within a student’s major. For more information please see the catalog section on "Credit for Military Service Schools."