Honors Program Transfer Agreements


The Honors Program at Grossmont College has a number of transfer agreements available to students who complete the honors requirements at Grossmont College. Some of the agreements include preferred admission, some offer automatic admission to the honors programs at the transfer institution, as well as other advantages.


These agreements are available to us through the Honors Transfer Council of California. If interested in taking advantage of these transfer agreements, you will have to begin taking some of the honors courses offered by the college.


For current honors classes, see Ad "YOUR CAN ACHIEVE ACADEMIC EXELLENCE WITH" toward the back of the printed schedule of classes.


When you are nearing completion of the honors requirements and are preparing to transfer, contact the Honors Program coordinator, Dr. John Oakes, office 3226, 619-644-7345. The schools with which we have agreements are listed in the grid below. We have some of the agreements on file.


HTCC Partner School Grid 2013

Cal Poly

Loyola Marymount


Pomona PATH (overview)

San Jose State