Types of Honors Courses


  1. Honors sections of existing courses: Regular courses with additional or substitute appropriate learning activities to make them honors level. (Each department decides the offering of honors sections of existing courses.)

  2. Linked Honors Courses:Two or more courses linked forming a learning community. Linked courses have the same students and the instructors coordinate the course syllabus and learning activities. (The offering of linked courses needs to be coordinated through Project Success.)

  3. Honors Seminar: A course devoted to intensive investigation of a single topic or problem. To a greater degree than in regular courses, students are responsible for contributing to seminar dialogues, completing a reading list, and producing written work and/or special project of superior quality. Topics and instructors change every semester. (This type of course needs both department and curriculum committee approval.)

  4. Honors contract in regular courses: Any section of an existing course can be converted into an honors section for a particular student if an honors student and the instructor develop an honors contract for the class. The student, the instructor, the department chair, the appropriate dean and the honors coordinator must approve and sign the honors contract. (This honors course option will not be offered during the 2003-04 academic year. Administrative procedures need be determined.)