Honors Transfer Council of California Awards for Student Excellence



The Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC) has resolved to invest in the development of students from its member colleges by establishing a program of Awards for Student Excellence. Details of the program follow.



Number of awards: up to 24 depending on funding
Amount of each award: $150
Form of award: Check from the HTCC payable to awardees'


Eligibility for Awards

  1. Applicant is to be a student in good (non-probationary) standing in an honors/scholars program at an HTCC member school.

  2. Applicant must be on track to complete the exit requirements of an honors/scholars program by the end of the current academic year.

  3. Applicant must submit a two-page, typed essay addressing selection criteria 1-3 below.

  4. Applicant must provide to sponsoring director/coordinator of the honors/scholars program a current college transcript or official record of grades.


Criteria for Selection of Recipients (Address numbers 1-3 in your essay)

  1. Evidence of excellence or extraordinary improvement in scholarship, especially if related to performance in an honors/scholars program.

  2. Progress toward specified personal goals or objectives, especially if accompanied by evidence of extraordinary commitment or perseverance in overcoming specified obstacles to success in college and/or in an honors/scholars program.

  3. Extracurricular service to college or community, and/or extraordinary involvement in athletic or cultural activities, especially in leadership roles.

  4. Quality of thought and written expression in application essay.

Awards for Student Excellence


Selection Committee: An ad hoc committee of HTCC members, including a committee chair, will be selected by the general membership.


Application Forms: Forms will be available on line on the HTCC web page (http://htcca.org/awards-and-scholarships/) and from all honors/scholars program directors and coordinators, or from the HTCC secretary.


Application Deadline: Applications must be submitted to local honors/scholars directors or coordinators by March 31, 2004.


Each member-campus of the HTCC may forward up to two (2) applications for consideration by the HTCC Scholarship Committee


Announcement Date: Award winners will be announced by the Scholarship Committee to honors/scholars directors and coordinators by April 29, 2004


Award Date: Award winners will be recognized at the Friday, May 7, 2004, HTCC meeting at Mira Costa College.


HTCC Scholarship Committee Chair:

Prof. John D. Madden
The Scholarsí Honors Program
Cerritos College 11110 Alondra Boulevard
Norwalk, CA 90650
562-860-2451, x-2771