The Honors Program Learning Experience


The honors student must participate in the regular learning experiences of an existing course. However, there are substitutes or side-by-side assignments of a more challenging nature. When designing the honors section learning experience, the instructor thinks in terms of greater depth and breadth. The emphasis of honors education is creative, scholarly work.


Examples of additions/substitutions for the learning strategies of an honors section include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • more challenging reading material
  • emphasis on current research reports instead of textbook summaries
  • intensive creative writing experience
  • reading logs
  • new writing assignments that emphasize analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
  • reaction papers to ethical dilemmas
  • internship in the field of study, performing an expanded leadership position
  • developing a research proposal
  • conducting original disciplinary research
  • developing an annotated bibliography
  • presenting original work/research to the class, a student-faculty group, or at a conference