February 20, 2020: Top faculty lauded at Grossmont College

Learn about how English instructor Daniela Sow is a leader at Grossmont College! She was awarded the President's Leadership Award for her work in celebrating and honoring the history and contributions of the Asian Pacific Islander community, and those of mixed race descent.
"Being a teacher, serving our community college students, is my ultimate joy."    - Daniela Sow
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May 20, 2020: Celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Cedrice Webber

Celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Cedrice Webber


October is Filipinx American History Month! 

 Pilipinx Colonialism and Experiences


October 8, 2020: Asian Pacific Islander Committee Social Hour, "Aloha Melissa"

 Social Hour Aloha Melissa 01

 Social Hour Aloha Melissa 02

 Social Hour Aloha Melissa 03

 Social Hour Aloha Melissa 04


October 19, 2020: Pilipinx American History Workshop,  "Pilipinx Colonialism and Experiences" by Desmond Merente

 Pilipinx American History Workshop

 Pilipinx American History Workshop


October 23, 2020: Filipinx American History Cooking Demo, "Filipino Fusion Cuisine" by Kris Saradpon

 Filipino Fusion Cuisine




Smoked Chicken Adobo by Kris Saradpon and Grossmont College Culinary Arts 


October 29, 2020: Filipinx American History Book Club with Daniela Sow and June Yang
America is Not the Heart

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