Pre-Health Careers Courses


Students majoring in a biological or health science field are advised to check the program requirements of the college to which they plan to transfer. Each transfer institution has specific course equivalencies and/or special course requirements. Students should also be cognizant of the pre-requisites for pre-professional courses and are encouraged to consult with a Grossmont College Counselor regarding course pre-requisites.


All Pre-Health Profession courses have the following pre-requisite. Pre-requisites must be completed and cleared PRIOR TO REGISTRATION.

  • Agrade of "C" or "CR" or higher in Biology 120 or the equivalent.
  • Prerequisite Information can be found here

The Biology Department DOES NOT ACCEPT IB or CLEP test scores for ANY course listed below THAT INCLUDES A REQUIRED LAB.


The Biology Department HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that students successfully complete (with a grade of "C" or "CR" or higher) the following courses before enrolling the any of the pre-Health Profession courses listed below.

  • College-level English course (ENG 110 or 120)
    • College-level reading ability (Grade 13 or above)
    • Math course equivalent to MATH 90
  • College-level Chemistry course equivalent to CHEM 115
Biology 140RLb Human Anatomy 5
Biology 141L Human Physiology 3
Biology 141LLB Human Physiology Lab 1
Biology 144RLb Anatomy & Physiology I 4
Biology 145RLb Anatomy & Physiology II 4
Biology 152RLb Paramedical Microbiology 5


Lecture only classes
RLb Classes with required labs
LB Laboratory classes