Biology Department Faculty & Classified Staff


Our courses are taught by 8 full-time and a team of adjunct instructors. The faculty have a unique combination of biological backgrounds and fields of expertise. These talents are brought into the classrooms and laboratories providing unique viewpoints that allow our students an opportunity to learn the many facets of the world of living things. Laboratory classes are prepared and supervises by a team of 4 technicians (Classified Staff).  Biology's Technical staff handle the complicated logistics of prepping 6 laboratory classroom and 12 different lab subject areas.


Full Time Faculty - updated 03Aug2022


Sudakshina (Shina) Alagia - B.Sc. and B.Ed. - Regional College of Education,

M.S. - Vanivihar/Utkal University, India
Anatomy & Physiology (Course Coordinator) - Physiology


Virginia Dudley - B.S., San Diego State University; M.S, SDSU. Marine Biology, Environmental Biology, Marine Biology (Course Coordinator).


Michael Golden - B.S., M.A., San Francisco State Univ. Assistant Professor
Environmental Biology (Course Coordinator) - Environmental Resources - Plant Ecology


Selene Miles - B.S. M.S.
Biology, San Diego State UniversityPrinciples of Biology (Course Coordinator)


Michele Perchez - B.S., Cal. State San Bernardino; M.S., UC Riverside.
Microbiology - Course Coordinator


Bonnie Ripley - A.B., Occidental College, Biology ; Ph.D., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution/M.I.T.,
Biological Oceanography, Biostatistics (Course Coordinator), General Biology, Organismal Biology (Course Coordinator)


Allison Shearer - B.S., Biology, University of Kentucky; M.S., Biology, University of California- San Diego
Anatomy (Course Coordinator), Anatomy & Physiology
Biology Learning Centers Coordinator


Full-Time Classified Staff - update 10Apr2019


  • Sharon Farley-Furlan - Senior Biology Technician
  • Susan Henderson - A.S. Biology, Cuyamaca College; B.S. Microbiology with emphasis on Public Health, San Diego State University
  • Katherine Leonard - B.S Biology, San Diego State University
    Field Collecting and Outdoor Laboratory maintenance
  • Camara Yonally - Evening Biology Technician