Biology Majors Courses


The Biology Department offers a solid academic foundation for further study in the Life Sciences. The primary emphasis of the Biological Sciences major program is to prepare students for successful transfer to baccalaureate (four-year) institutions. The course package for majors is modeled on the transfer requirements of SDSU & UCSD and will satisfy requirements of most other CSU and UC campuses.


All Biology majors courses have pre-requisites. Pre-requisites must be completed and cleared PRIOR TO REGISTRATION. Please check the current catalog for course pre-requisites.


  • Pre-Requisite information can be found here 

The Biology Department DOES NOT ACCEPT IB or CLEP test scores for ANY course listed below THAT INCLUDES A REQUIRED LAB.


The Biology Department HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that students successfully complete (with a grade of "C" or "CR" or higher) the following courses before enrolling in a Majors-Level Biology course:


  • College-level English course (ENG 120 or 124)
    • College-level reading ability (Grade 13 or above)
    • Transfer-level Math course

The Biology Department Three(3) Majors courses. These courses can be taken in any order that best fits each student's schedule.  Each course is has pre-requisites outside the department that need to be completed prior to enrollment.  Students without a strong background in Biology are encouraged to complete course similar to Biology 120 - Principles of Biology before attempting any of the Majors Biology courses.

  • Bio 230 Principles of Cellular, Molecular & Evolutionary Biology
    • REQUIRED PRE-REQUISITE: Chem 141 or an equivalent course
    • Chem 141 course equivalencies for pre-requisite clearances are determined by the Grossmont Chemistry Department
    • Bio 215 Statistics for Life & Behavioral Sciences
      • REQUIRED PRE-REQUISITE: Bio 120, Bio 230 OR Bio 240 or an equivalent course
      • Course equivalencies are determined by the Grossmont Biology Department
      • See Grossmont Biology pre-requisite page for complete instructions
  • Bio 240 Principles of Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
    • REQUIRED PRE-REQUISITE: Math 110 or an equivalent course
    • Math 110 course equivalencies for pre-requisite clearances are determined by the Grossmont Math Department

The following Biology courses, taken with the appropriate general education requirements, will lead to an Associate Degree with a Biological Sciences major. Please consult with a Grossmont College Counselor for a complete list of degree requirements.


Biology 215RLb Statistics for Life & Behavioral Sciences
  • This class is currently offered only in the Spring semester
Biology 230RLb Principles of Cellular, Molecular & Evolutionary Biology 4
Biology 240RLb Principles of Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology 5
The following courses are offered by the Chemistry, Math and Physics Departments at Grossmont College. Completion of these courses is also required for the Biology Associate Degree program.
Chemistry 141RLb General Chemistry I 5
Chemistry 142RLb General Chemistry II 5
Chemistry 231RLb Organic Chemistry I 5
Chemistry 232RLb Organic Chemistry II - This course is not required for the A.S. degree at Grossmont but is part of the "preparation for major" course work required by most transfer institutions. 5
Mathematics 180L Analytical Geometry & Calculus 5
Physics 130RLb Fundamentals of Physics 4
Physics 131RLb Fundamentals of Physics 4
L Lecture only classes
RLb Classes with required labs