General Education Courses




Biology 105RLb Life in the Sea 4 Lecture & Lab
Biology 110RLb Environmental Biology 4 Lecture & Lab
Biology 112L Contemporary Issues in Environmental Resources 3 Lecture Only
Biology 114L Heredity, Evolution & Society 3 Lecture Only
Biology 118L Introduction to Human Biology 3 Lecture Only
Biology 120RLb Principles of Biology 4  

Lecture only classes

RLb Classes with required labs














These six courses are specifically oriented to general education. Each of these courses satisfies the science requirements for graduation. It is suggested that students majoring in areas other than life science satisfy their graduation requirements by enrolling in Biology 105, 110, 112, 114, 118, or 120. However, students are obliged to check with a Grossmont College Counselor and/or their transfer institution regarding an acceptable course.


The Biology Department HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that students successfully complete (with a grade of "C" or "CR" or higher) the following courses before enrolling in any of the courses listed above.

  • College-level English course (ENG 110 or 120)
    • College-level reading ability (Grade 13 or above)