Biological Sciences


The Biological Sciences curriculum at Grossmont College has three principal objectives: General Education, Associate Degree/Transfer and Preparation for Allied Health Careers. General education courses are based on the premise that an educated person should have an opportunity to learn the characteristics and attributes common to all life in order to understand their own place among living things. Information concerning local and planet-wide issues with a biological base such as the the role of Evolutionary Theory in modern Biology, global population, pollution, global climate change, resource management, new medical and biological technologies are examples of general education topics covered in various courses offered in the department. The second objective is earning an Associate Degree and preparation for transfer. Courses prepare students for further study in major fields within the life sciences and pre-professional training in the medical field. Students are encouraged to earn an Associate of Science in Biology or an Associate Transfer Degree with an emphasis in Biology. The third objective is to prepare students for careers in Allied Health.  Courses include Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology.  These courses are required for entry in to various Allied Health fields such as Nursing, Cardiovascular Technology, Respiratory Technology and other areas.

For Information about Biology Programs or Prerequisite Clearances, please contact Selene Miles.