Emergency Information

Grossmont College Incident Response Process can be found here.



Call 911 in an emergency

  • Life-threatening situation
  • Medical emergency
  • Crime in progress
  • Fire
  • Major disturbance
  • Crime report
  • Request for police presence to deal with potentially-disruptive person

Public Safety information can be found here.



Sheriff’s Non-Emergency Line: Call Extension 7800 or (619 644-7800 or Call (858) 565-5200

  • Reporting a break in that occurred in the past
  • Reporting vehicle damage
  • Reporting suspicious situations that are non-threatening
  • Any non-life threatening issue

Public Safety information can be found here.

Campus and Parking Services Call Extension 7654 or (619) 644-7654 for assistance

  • Parking
  • Lost & Found
  • Safety Escort
  • Room Unlock/Lock

Campus and Parking Services (CAPS) information can be found here.



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