Health Insurance for F-1 Students

Health care costs in the United States are extremely expensive. It is not uncommon for doctor's visits with lab work, x-rays and medication to reach into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Grossmont College STRONGLY recommends that our students have medical insurance which will cover these costs. Many students choose to purchase such insurance from their home countries. Other students purchase medical insurance after their arrival to the U.S. 


An international student insurance plan, which can help pay for medical bills related to injury or illness, is available in the Grossmont College Health Services office.


Here is a list of health insurance providers for F-1 students:

Make sure to shop around to find a provider/policy that suits your needs.


International Student Insurance

Compass Student Insurance


Betins Insurance

PSI Health Insurance

Visit Insurance

iNext Insurance

 PGH Global Health Insurance

Student Insurance USA

International Student Protection 

Delta Dental – Individual Dental Insurance

Co-Health Dental Discount Plan 

Visitor Guard Dental Insurance

NRIOL Dental Insurance



International Student Insurance Information for COVID-19

International Student Insurance does offer COVID-19 coverage if they have a plan before they show symptoms. If they are traveling from a country with a level 3 travel health warning on the CDC website, then they would not be covered. You can find the CDC website here


Student Medicover will cover visits to the doctor and emergency room and blood draws and also prescription drugs and other related care. They mention that there is no cure or vaccines so there isn’t anything specific to COVID-19.


ISOA will provide coverage for sicknesses and injuries for students who have flu like symptoms and that they can visit a doctor’s office if needed. The current plans have a stipulation that there is a waiting period for pre-existing conditions if someone is sick before they purchase an insurance plan.


Student Insurance USA is still currently working with their underwriting partners and will return with more information once they hear something, but they noted that there currently are not any exclusions, meaning the student should be covered through their plans.


iNext states that they would be covered in their plans if they student were to get the COVID-19 virus. If the student is in the USA during the time they contracted the virus, they would be covered. Unless they traveled to a level 3 location as indicated on the CDC website.


PSI Service states that they will cover the coronavirus with their Gold Plus Plan, Platinum Plan, and CA Platinum Plan.
We hope this information helps you in your search for an acceptable insurance coverage. Please be safe and don't hesitate to ask any other questions you may have. 



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