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We are happy to welcome you in Grossmont College! To settle down, we highly recommend that you search and arrange your housing or accommodation before arriving in the U.S.


The following information may help you in locating housing, but  we will not be able to make housing arrangements for you.


Please take note of the following tips and additional information:
  • Grossmont College does not provide housing. 

    The majority of students at our school live in apartments, either alone or with roommates. Rental rates can vary widely, depending on the type and location of the apartment. Shared apartments range from $400 to $800 per person per month, not including utilities or meals. 

  • The Grossmont College International Student Center maintains a "Housing Email List" for international students seeking apartments and/or roommates.

    Students who either have available rooms or are seeking a room or roommate may send us an e-mail for an advertisement which includes their name, telephone number, e-mail address, preferred move-in date, preferred price range and any other relevant information (such as whether you prefer to be located near a bus line).

    To receive or place advertisements, send an email to grossmontintlcns@gcccd.edu. Ads are sent out only once. Students must re-send their ad to this email address for each week they wish to advertise. If you would like to receive these housing ads prior to orientation, please request to be added onto the "Housing Email List".

  • Grossmont College does not have a homestay program, but many students may choose to obtain a homestay through agencies like the ones listed below.                                                                                

    Homestays through each of these agencies cost approximately $650-765 per month and include a private room and two or three meals per day. Other agency charges may include a $250 placement fee, a $100 refundable deposit, and a $50 - $75 airport pick-up fee (optional).
  • Some local homeowners contact International Student Programs directly to advertise a room for rent in their home. In some cases, meals may be included in the monthly charge (Prices vary from $500 - $600 without meals or $550 - $775 with 2-3 meals per day included). 

    Information on these housing options is kept in the International Student Counseling Center and may also be e-mailed to students who request to be added onto the "Housing Email List" on a monthly basis. To view this information, please contact at grossmontintlcns@gcccd.edu.

  • Ask your friends if they know about an available living situation. Your classmates and friends can be great resources.
  • Before you go looking for an apartment, ask yourself these questions.
  • To get an idea of available apartments, students can do a web search.

    You can do a search simply by typing "apartments" in your internet search engine, or you can visit one of the following web sites. To find an apartment in the immediate area of Grossmont College, type "El Cajon" or "La Mesa" under city name.

  • Check out our list of apartments nearby Grossmont College below.
  • Free bi-weekly and monthly printed editions of Apartment Guide and Apartments For Rent are available in magazine racks at local supermarkets and shopping centers.

Housing Resources 

Homestay Programs help students find a comfortable and clean place to live while giving them an opportunity to interact with their host families and fellow students - helping international students adjust to the life in the U.S. and also improve their English skills.

See below a list of known and reputable homestay agencies. Please note that it is your responsibility to get in contact with an agency as our office does not assist students when it comes to housing.


Student Room Stay

1150 Laurel Lane San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


E-mail: support@studentroomstay.com

Website: https://studentroomstay.com/student-pricing-san-diego 

Home Placement Services, Inc.

505 Grand Caribe Causeway #C
Coronado, CA 92118

TEL: (619) 423-1449

FAX: (619) 423-1480

E-mail: hpservices@san.rr.com
E-mail: info@homeplacement.com

Website: www.homeplacement.com


OvECS Ltd.

625 N. Gilbert Rd., Suite 202

Gilbert, AZ 85234 USA

TEL: (480) 633-8191

FAX: (480) 633-8193

E-mail: homestay@ovecs.com

Website: http://www.azhomestay.com

San Diego Homestay

6117 Wolfstar Court

San Diego, CA 92122 USA

TEL: (858)457-1322

Email: homestay@sandiegohomestay.com

Website: https://www.sandiegohomestay.com

These are a few popular and most commonly used websites that list available apartments in San Diego, CA.

Renting an apartment in the U.S. follows a strict application process in which you are required to meet a certain income or credit worthiness. It is your responsibility to contact the leasing offices and submit an application.

Apartments Near Grossmont College

Here's a list of the apartments nearby Grossmont College. For your utmost convenience, most of these are less than 5 miles away from the college.

Navajo Bluffs

6575 Jaffe Ct

San Diego, CA 92119

Tel: (619) 589-6500

Web: navajobluffs.com

Monthly Rent: $1,520 - $2,200

Summit Park Village

8563 Lake Murray Blvd

San Diego, CA 92119 

Tel: (844) 323-4554

Web: essexapartmenthomes.com

Monthly Rent: $1,615 - $1,915

Mission Trails Apartments

6975 Golfcrest Dr, San Diego, CA 92119

Tel: (619) 597-7153

Web: missiontrailsapts.com

Monthly Rent: $1,866  - $2,702


Vue at Lake Murray

6867 Golfcrest Dr

San Diego, CA 92119

Tel: (844) 641-3047

Web: vueatlakemurray.com

Monthly Rent:

Ivanhoe Village Apartments

2675 Fletcher Pkwy

El Cajon, CA 92020

Tel: (844) 577-7536

Web: ivanhoevillageapts.com

Monthly Rent: $1,655 - $2,016

Universe at Serena Vista

5810 Amaya Dr

La Mesa, CA 91942

Tel: (619) 430-4537

Web: serenavista-apt.rentals

Monthly Rent: $1,700 - $1,998


The District

8727 Fletcher Pkwy

La Mesa, CA 91942

Tel: (888) 353-1471

Web: thedistrictlamesa.com

Monthly Rent: $1,806 - $3,645

Dailey Court Apartments

5151 Dailey Ct

La Mesa, CA 91942

Tel: (619) 376-1324

Web: daileycourtapartments.com

Monthly Rent: $1,575 - $1,785

Villa Knolls

5365-5465 Marengo Ave

La Mesa, CA 91942

Tel: (844) 341-7495

Web: rentvillaknolls.com

Monthly Rent: $1,350 - $1,375

To assist you, we've gathered the links below to show available apartments per neighborhood/location that are in close proximity to Grossmont College.
Rancho San Diego





SDSU / College Area




Spring Valley




The International Student Center sends out a monthly newsletter wherein a private housing list for international students is included.

Host families or individuals have to send us a completed housing form to be included in this list. If you are not receiving this monthly newsletter, please contact us. 


The following resources will also be useful during your search. It is important that you do not give your personal information to anyone unless you are in contact with the host, landlord, or leasing office. Watch out for scams and misinformation.



Facebook Marketplace

Individuals and fellow students utilize the Facebook Marketplace to post available apartments or rooms for rent. Be sure to not give anyone your personal information.



Craigslist is a classified advertisement website when people can post apartment, rooms, and houses for rent. Please be aware of potential scams.