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Current F1 visa International Students can make an appointment with a counselor using our new eSARS online appointment scheduling program.


If you are not an F1 visa student, you will be directed to make an appointment with General Counseling.


You will need your Student ID number and your birthdate in the MMDDYYYY format.  If you do not see any appointments available, they are all booked. New appointments will be available every Monday.


In the comments section, please put your questions you want answered, major, and if you are transferring and to where.


To find your Student ID Number, you will need to log into your Self-Service, go to Unofficial Transcript, click submit and it should be in the top left on the PDF that is downloaded. 


Late Policy: If you are late 15 minutes or more, you will need to reschedule your appointment for another time. 

If you are a current student with a quick question: 

Please visit this website: eAdvising, online quick question service for current students


  • You will need your Student ID Number and then your birthdate to sign in. 
  • After you sign in, you will see box, click on continue, then Ask A Question to ask your question.
  • This service will be tracked so that any counselor available will be able to answer your question.
  • Please choose a topic that you have a question about, and then ask your question and click the submit button when finished.
  • When your question is answered, you will receive an email that your question has been answered.

Keep in mind that it may be quicker than making a 1 hour appointment, but your questions will only be answered when a counselor is scheduled to be working. 



Need Help? 

If you would like help applying or registering for classes, please contact our Admissions / Outreach Ambassadors via Zoom or phone.


Available from:

Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday 8am-1pm


To Zoom with them, use Meeting ID 243 308 044

Or call them via phone at 1-669-900-6833



Frequently Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19

Please note these FAQ apply to the COVID-19 situation only and the information is temporary. All information is subject to change without prior notice.



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I've never taken an online class and I need some tutoring for Canvas.

Tutorial for Canvas is available with other helpful links on the Student Resources Center website. You may apply for Pass/No Pass if you don’t need a letter grade. Please check with a counselor to see if it will affect your major and transferability.

I need a tutor. 

Online tutoring is available at Grossmont College. For free and virtual.

How do I speak with a counselor about my academic plan? Do you have a live chat?

You can meet with an International Student Counselor by using E-SARS to schedule your appointment. Appointments are available online through Zoom or in person in Building 10 International Counseling for 1 hour or 30 minutes. 

I heard Spring 2023 semester classes will be offered online as well due to Coronavirus pandemic. Is that true?

 For Spring 2023, most of courses will be offered in-person. 

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Department of Homeland security allows F-1 visa students take more on-line courses.

  • If you were studying in the U.S. as F1 visa student during the Spring 2020 semester (or, any time before March 2020) with an I-20 from Grossmont College, or any other school, you may take 100 % on-line courses to be full-time, at least 12 units per semester.
  • If you have attended Grossmont College as brand new F-1 student during the Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 semester (after March 2020), you must take at least one (1) in-person class, but rest of the units may be on-line, or hybrid to be full-time, at least 12 units per semester.
  • If you got admitted, but you have not entered the United States, you may choose to study on-line courses from home, only while we offer remote courses due to COVID-19 pandemic. You do not have to take a full-time load. Please contact  International Admissions at
I am struggling with online classes. As Spring 2023 will be online instruction and some in-person classes again, I want to take a leave of absence until the classes will be offered on-campus. What is the process for the request?