Foster Youth Services


NextUp - Extra Support for Current and Former Foster Youth in College

NextUp is a California State-funded program designed to provide extra support for foster youth as you transition to independent living. The NextUp program at Grossmont College can provide specialized academic, career and personal counseling; book vouchers; grant money and more to help ensure your college and career success.


Who Qualifies 

Students who were in foster care for as little as one day from their 13th to 18th birthdays can be eligible for the NextUp program. Eligibility is determined through something called a dependency letter, which we can help you get. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of nine units at time of application or have a waiver to take fewer units from the Accessibility Resource Center or A.R.C. Even if you have fewer units – or no units – please ask Sam or Brian in the EOPS office to help you get eligible. 


What You Get

  • Academic, career and personal counseling
  • Book voucher money
  • Grant money
  • Meal vouchers for each day you’re on campus
  • Transit passes
  • Gas
  • Target Cards
  • Parking Permit
  • Backpack
  • Supplies
  • Greater support for your journey
  • Midweek Meetups (some play, some food, some learning, some appreciation; in short, a good time).


Come See Us Today

Visit the EOPS office today and ask to meet with Sam or Brian. Please remember to bring your picture ID and, if you have one, your dependency letter (if not, no worries). We’ll do everything we can to help ensure your success in college and beyond. 



Sam Rigby
NextUp Program Specialist
Brian Woolsey
NextUp Counselor & Coordinator
Ava Gill
NextUp Counselor
Kyaw Z. Htet
NextUp Counselor