Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education (CARE)


CARE is a California State funded program designed to recruit and assist single parent recipients of CalWORKs. CARE provides support services and/or grant funds to assist single parents with academic support and financial assistance. All students who participate in the CARE program are both EOPS & CARE participants.


Who qualifies for CARE?

In addition, to meeting all EOPS eligibility requirements,  CARE students must also:

  • Receive cash aid assistance for themselves and/or their dependent(s)
  • Have single parents status with a child/dependent 18 years of age or younger


What services are offered through the CARE Program?

  • Academic & Personal Counseling
  • Career Advising
  • Referrals to county resources
  • Meal Vouchers for on-campus dining
  • Gas Cards 
  • Semesterly Parking Permit
  • CARE Grant
  • CARE Book Voucher
  • CARE Study Sessions--with childcare & tutoring services provided.
  • Workshops designed with the single parent in mind
  • Backpacks with school supplies 


How can I apply?

CARE applications are open year-round. 


Once accepted, you must attend a mandatory EOPS/CARE Orientation following your approval into the program. Please remember to bring your picture ID.


2024-25 CARE Application



Counseling Appointments

Students may schedule counseling appointments in person at the EOPS/CARE office in Building 60 - Room 125 or by phone at (619) 644-7617.


Students may also schedule an appointment by using the link below. CARE Counselors will have access to transcripts and Education Plans for a complete counseling session. When scheduling via our Online Scheduling System, keep the following in mind:

  1. Select the appropriate program: 2 - CARE
  2. 1st Contact should be a 1 hr appointment
  3. 2nd and 3rd Contact should be a 30 min appointment (or 1 hr appointment)
  4. Appointments may be On Campus (in person) or Online Zoom (virtual)


Current CARE students may schedule an appointment with a counselor here