Drug Abuse Prevention


The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Governing Board has adopted policies regarding the possession and use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, narcotics and other substances. In addition, the Board, through its powers of governance, actively encourages and supports College and District administrators in their planning and implementation of the following activities all of which are designed to discourage and/or prevent substance abuse among all officers, employees, students, and citizens within the District. 

In furtherance of these policies the Board provides:


  1. Individual Counseling - The Grossmont College Health Services office is staffed by certified professional mental health counselors.  The Counseling office is also staffed with professional counselors trained in analyzing personal issues that students and staff may have.  Either department can assist students with personal issues.

  2. Referral to Community Resources - Many of the community service centers operating in San Diego County have been researched by District staff. A listing of substance abuse service agencies has been compiled and is available for distribution to students and staff. Agencies were selected based upon target clientele, services offered, fees charged, and proximity to the college campus.

  3. Availability of Substance Abuse Information - Information on substance abuse is available on campus in the following ways: films, discussions, and speakers on drug abuse are held during College Hour; drug "hot line" numbers are posted; posters about substance abuse are placed in selected locations and rotated periodically; brochures, pamphlets and other handouts are available in the Health Services office; extensive library and media resources are available; student clubs and organizations provide support.

  4. Courses That Include Substance Abuse Issues include: HED 110, Personal and Community Health; Introduction: Alcoholism and Substance Abuse; Alcoholism/Substance Abuse Prevention, Intervention, Treatment; Biology