Grossmont College Osher Scholarship


Thanks to the generosity of The Bernard Osher Foundation, thousands of California Community College students like you may receive an Osher Scholarship as part of the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment. Mr. Osher’s vision is to “not only benefit the community college students of today but countless more for years to come.”


The Grossmont Osher Scholarship is offered every Fall and Spring semester. Grossmont College awards approximately $56,000 scholarship funds a year.  


 General Criteria

  • Student must have completed 24 or more “degree applicable” semester units (or the equivalent) at the time of the initial scholarship disbursement.

  • Student must be enrolled at Grossmont College least half-time (6 or more units) during all terms in which the award remains active.

  • Student must have financial need.

  • Student must have received a Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOGW) at the time of application and also at the time of award disbursement.

Amount of award: Annual Awards up to $1,200 (or $600 per semester).  Awards are also based upon a minimum of six units of enrollment or higher per term. 


Renewal of Scholarships

  • If students receiving Osher Scholarships continue to qualify in subsequent academic years, they may be automatically renewed, not to exceed a cumulative award total of $3,000. As long as the student continues to meet the criteria set forth above, the student will not need to reapply for continued funding

  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) at all times, according to your college’s policy.

  • Maintain at least half-time enrollment status (6 units or more) to qualify for initial and all subsequent payments.

To be considered a candidate for an Osher Scholarship please complete the Campus Based Scholarship application.