You will be considered to have received an overpayment of financial aid funds if:

  • Payments made to you are based on incorrect information on your financial aid application;

  • Payments are made to you and you already have a Bachelor's degree (or the equivalent from a foreign country) - for Federal Pell or SEOG grants and state Cal or Student Success Completion grants only;

  • Payments are made to you after you are no longer enrolled in the required number of units;

  • Payments are made to you while you are in default on a student loan or you owe a refund on a federal grant;

  • Payments are made to you when you receive financial aid from Grossmont College and from another institution during the same enrollment period.

If you have an overpayment or are repaying an overpayment, you may not be eligible for any federal aid at any institution until the debt is repaid.