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Financial Aid Forms  

The method for students to complete and submit their financial aid documents, in an easy and secure fashion, is through StudentForms by CampusLogic.


There are a few forms that will need to be completed by an academic Counselor and then you will need to upload this document as an attachment to your Consortium Agreement or Unit Maximum Appeal.  These forms are hyperlinked below.


If you are required to submit documents, you will be notified. In this notification, you will be instructed to create a CampusLogic account (if you have not already created an account as a Grossmont College Financial Aid applicant). The account you create will be checked against the information from your FAFSA application so please remember to enter your demographic information when creating your CampusLogic account just as you entered it on your FAFSA application.


After you create your account and successfully login to CampusLogic, you will see what documents are required and instructions on how to complete and submit them (PLEASE NOTE: it may take 3-4 business days from the date of your notification for your documents to appear in CampusLogic). You will also be able to securely upload pictures, pdf documents and other attachments (such as IRS Tax Return Transcripts).  The CampusLogic account/login screen may be accessed by clicking the image below. 


                                                                                             CampusLogic Login


If you have difficulties creating or accessing your CampusLogic account, please visit the Grossmont College Financial Aid Helpdesk (specific information on how to access our virtual helpdesk can be found on our Financial Aid homepage.


Forms NOT Available on CampusLogic

Most of these forms can be emailed to