Anti-Racism & Equity Resources

This page is intended to serve as a resource for the Grossmont Community to deepen our understanding of equity and anti-racism. These resources cannot only help us to fulfill our College's Mission, Vision, and Values, but also meet the Chancellor's Office Call to Action, the goals and recommendations set out in the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges' position paper on Antiracism in Education in California Community Colleges, and our own Academic and Classified Senate resolutions to become an anti-racist institution.


Several of the resources below are provided through institutions or organizations that are external to Grossmont, but work closely with the California Community College system. These are meant to supplement the ongoing work happening at the college. 


For more resources and workshops provided here at Grossmont, please visit our Virtual Grossmont Learning Center canvas shell to get connected!


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A Framework for Becoming Antiracist 

Dr. Andrew Ibrahim created the graphic below, modeled after a COVID public health graphic, while learning more about the journey to becoming antiracist.   

This diagram shows overlapping circles with different points on an individual's journey to becoming antiracist.

(Ibrahim, n.d.)


Everyone is at a different point in their journey, and this journey is not necessarily linear. 


Some questions for self-reflection:

  • Which statements resonate most with where you're at on your journey?
  • Which zone do most of those statements lie within?
  • Are you where you'd like to be? 
  • What support do you need on your journey?
USC's Race & Equity Center

As a member college, all Grossmont employees have access to Equity Connect, USC Race & Equity Center's portal for Racial Equity Resources. All you need to sign up is your GCCCD email address.


To register, please copy and paste the following URL into your web browser:


Already registered? Please copy and paste the following URL into your web browser:


For detailed instructions on how to register click here.


You can also subscribe to USC's Race & Equity Center's YouTube Channel  and view some of their past webinars including: White People Talking to White People About Racism


Equity Connect one page description of the resources that can be found in this portal


VRC Communities of Practice

The Vision Resource Center has a variety of different Communities of Practice that you can join, several of which are focused on equity-related topics. 

To browse the variety of communities of practice available click here


If the above link doesn't work, try logging into your Vision Resource Center account. Once you're at your homepage, hover your mouse over the "Communities" tab and click "All Communities" (see screenshot below).


screenshot of the VRC homepage with the "all Communities" drop down menu option highlighted


For help with logging into your Vision Resource Center account follow the link to this video tutorial.

CORA Learning

The Center for Organizational Responsibility & Advancement (CORA) offers professional development opportunities to faculty, staff, and administrators working in higher education. They have a series of webinars that are free and open to the public as well as courses and certifications on various topics.


For example, CORA Learning hosted a webinar on Addressing Anti-Blackness on Campus: Implications for Educators and Institutions which can be found on their website as well as on their YouTube channel.


If you'd like to apply for funding to help cover the cost of one of their courses, please fill out this form

CCC Health & Wellness

The California Community College Health & Wellness website provides a collection of tools and resources focused on promoting and supporting students' health and wellness. Many of these resources include best practices for supporting our underserved student populations. 


3CSN or California Community Colleges' Success Network is dedicated to supporting colleges as they redesign and reimagine their structures to better support student access, success, equity, and completion. To explore their resources and learn more about their offerings click here

ZOOM & TIME present Race in the Workplace web series

A web series presented by Shaun Harper, provost professor at USC's Rossier College of Education, and Damien Hooper-Campbell, Zoom's Chief Diversity Officer. To access the web series & its materials click here.  

The Chronicle for Higher Education

The Chronicle for Higher Education is a leading news organization dedicated to topics relevant to current issues within higher education. You can sign-up for a free account and gain access to timely articles, reports, virtual events, and more. 


For example, The Chronicle published a series entitled, 'Ask Me': What LGBTQ Students Want Their Professors to Know, discussing the challenges LGBTQ+ students face sometimes in the classroom. To view the video created from the project and read the article, please copy and paste the URL below into your web browser.


This reading list is provided as a place to start to learn about race and equity. Some of the titles are available in the Grossmont College Library and will include a link to follow. Additional resources for reading are available on the Resource List document.


If you have a recommendation for the reading or resource list, please send an e-mail to 


How to Be Antiracist book cover
How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
This title is available electronically in the Grossmont College Library
 White Fragility book cover
White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo
This title is available electronically in the Grossmont College Library
Click here for Copy 1
Click here for Copy 2
So You Want to Talk About Race book cover
So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo
This title is available electronically in the Grossmont College Library
Click here for Copy 1
Click here for Copy 2 
New Jim Crow book cover
The New Jim Crowe by Michelle Alexander
This title is available electronically in the Grossmont College Library
Click Here 



In 2016, Grossmont had the opportunity to screen the documentary Underwater Dreams which highlights some of the issues that undocumented students face. To view the documentary  follow this link. After the screening, GC hosted three panelists from the documentary to hear more about their experiences and answer questions from our GC community. To see the recording from that event, please click here


To get access to a wealth of other documentaries on various topics, access your free Grossmont Kanopy account here.

Other Resources