Virtual Grossmont Learning Center (VGLC)

The Office of Professional Development is excited to announce the launch of our Virtual Grossmont Learning Center! The VGLC is a professional development resource that is open to all employees at Grossmont College. To learn more about the VGLC click through the tabs below.



The mission of the Virtual Grossmont Learning Center (VGLC) is to transcend the boundaries of physical campus spaces and empower learners through an online learning experience. The VGLC is committed to delivering diverse, inclusive, accessible, flexible, and engaging learning opportunities that reflect our commitment to professional development opportunities for the faculty, staff, and college administrators. VGLC strives to produce innovative solutions that foster diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning and professional environments. By fostering a strong sense of community and cultivating expertise in online, blended, and digital learning, we aim to drive innovation in education.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing online learning platforms and technologies: Professionals will gain the necessary skills to navigate and utilize the Canvas learning management system and other relevant digital tools to create engaging and interactive online learning experiences.
  • Apply culturally responsive teaching practices in the online learning environment: Professionals will develop an understanding of cultural diversity and its impact on teaching and learning. They will employ inclusive strategies that honor and respect diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to create a more welcoming and anti-racist campus community.
  • Design and implement effective assessment strategies: Professionals will acquire knowledge and skills to assess student learning in various learning modalities, including the design of authentic assessments, rubrics, and effective feedback practices. 

To access the VGLC on Canvas click here!