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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log into Canvas
Information on how to log into Canvas can be found
on the Faculty Login Assistance page.


What if my students cannot log into Canvas? 
Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for new student accounts to become available in Canvas. If your student is not able to login using the instructions on the Canvas Student Login page, and it has been more than 24 hours since they have completed the registration for your course, please refer them to the Canvas 24/7 support line for assistance at 1-844-600-4953.


How can I change my email address in Canvas? 
This PDF Tutorial will show you how to change your email address within WebAdvisor, which will also change it within Canvas.


Who can I send a student to if they need Canvas support? 
Canvas 24/7 support line 1-844-600-4953. There is no on-campus support for Canvas. 


How can I receive training on how to use Canvas? 
Our online education and professional development teams provide a variety of courses and workshops. Visit our Faculty Training page to learn more about training opportunities.


What is the correct browser to use? 
Canvas supports the current and first previous major releases of most browsers. We recommend the latest versions of Google Chrome or Firefox.


How can I merge two or more courses together within Canvas? 
Submit the cross-list/merge request form located on the Canvas Requests page. Please note: the form is located on the intranet and you will need to logsin with your GCCCD network information. 


I'm taking over a Canvas course from another instructor. How do I gain access to their course? 
Your Department Chair will need to contact the Instructional Operations department and make a request to have the instructor of record changed for the related course.


Additional Resources

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