Cadence Vocal Jazz Ensemble

(First week of class 5:30-6:50pm, Rm. 221)
Tues, January 30, 2024 – New Vocal/Instrumental Auditions
Thurs, February 1, 2024 - Vocal Callback Auditions


CADENCE is Grossmont College’s Vocal Jazz ensemble that focuses on learning ensemble repertoire and performance skills. Consisting of 7-12 auditioned singers and a 3-piece band, the ensemble performs standard and contemporary jazz repertoire. Basic musical concepts of improvisation, solo, and larger ensemble performance are incorporated into this course offering. As part of the performing and rehearsal environment, Cadence regularly works with its own jazz instrumental combo, providing ensemble, combo, and soloist opportunities for ensemble members.


Public performance is required. Performing 2-3 times a semester, past venues include the CMEA Festival, Oceanside Jazz Festival, PLNU Vocal Jazz Festival, and Dizzys Jazz Club.



New/Non-current members –


  • Tues Jan 30, 2024 5:30-6:50pm (RM 221) Tues Jan 30 SP 24 New Members Audition Signup
    • Vocal selection - Prepare a solo piece to sing (preferably jazz, but it can be anything non-classical). Your audition will be accompanied on piano. Sheet music, lead sheets, or chord charts ok. Acappella singing is not permitted.
    • Sightsinging - This is an important part of the audition. Because we learn so much repertoire it is vital that the prospective Cadence member be a good sight reader. Even if a student has the best voice on the planet, if they can’t read music, they will not pass the audition.
    • Aural comprehension - You will be asked to sing a short melodic phrase played on the piano. This allows the director to evaluate the student’s ear.
    • Results of this audition emailed Tues Jan 30 9pm.


Callback for new members/F23 members –
• Thurs Feb 1, 2024 5:30-6:50pm (RM 221) Vocal Callbacks Audition Signup SP24


  • 24 hour piece – On Wed Jan 31st - you will receive an excerpt of a choral piece (usually 16-32 measures in length) representative of the repertoire level we will be singing this semester. Accuracy is important, but the goal is to learn as much as possible. This round of the audition reveals skill level and work ethic of learning challenging music quickly.
    • All women must learn the alto part, and men have their choice of the tenor or bass part. The next day, the student returns and sings their choral part as a solo, a cappella.
      Callback directions -
    • Please use any instruments, notation/playback software to learn your part.
    • Do not practice with others.
    • Focus primarily on notes, rhythms, and blend.
    • You will be asked to sing by yourself with no piano accompaniment.

ALL INSTRUMENTALISTS: (Rhythm section – piano/gtr/bass/drums)
The rhythm section will work on Cadence charts on their own and be brought into vocal rehearsals after the 3rd week of semester and will be required to come to Tuesday rehearsals. There will be possible dress rehearsals and concerts on Thursdays. These will be announced as soon as information is available.

  • Tues Jan 30, 2024 5:30-6:50pm (RM 221) Tues Jan 30 SP24 New Member Audition Signup
    • Prepare a jazz standard of your choice to play. It is preferred that you are able to play the
      melody, ‘comp’ changes, and take a short solo. The director will play/accompany you on piano. Audition results will also be emailed. First Rehearsal: Thurs, February 4th - 5:30-6:45 PM• Instrumentalists: (Rhythm section – piano/guitar/bass/drums) bring a jazz standard of your choice to play. It is preferred that you are able to play the melody, ‘comp’ changes, and take a short solo. Please contact the director for an audition.



For more info, please feel free to contact Melonie Grinnell, director at or the music dept. at (619) 644-7254.


Please check out our Facebook page at


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Why can’t I register for the class yet?
There is no pre-registration for the class, permission numbers will be only given out to students who complete the audition and are invited to become members of the Cadence Vocal Jazz Program.


Do I have to sing or play in front of other people?
The first round of auditions and interviews will not be held in front of other students, just with the director. Auditions will be videotaped for director reference only. Bring something to sing or play and the director will accompany you on piano. If you are invited to the callback, that process will take place with other students participating.


When will the callback list be posted?
The callback list will be determined by Wednesday at noon, after all first round auditions have been completed. If your name is on the list, you will be given a short excerpt of vocal jazz ensemble music to learn for Thursday’s callback. The callback list will be emailed, and also on the board outside of Rm. 223 and 230H (Music Building). All callback vocalists should be present Thursday at 5:30PM. Final audition results will be posted and permission numbers to register will be distributed no earlier than the first Friday of classes.


What can I do to prepare myself for my audition?

  • Make sure you have checked out the Audition Information.
  • LISTEN to as much jazz as you can - both instrumental and vocal. Check out for a free jazz radio station online, or the KSDS app.
  • Select an audition song from and obtain the sheet music.
  • Consider downloading the iRealb app to practice with automatic accompaniment.

We are very much looking forward to your audition - good luck!


Sample of previously performed events...

  • February - quad performances on campus for Black History Month (Spring 2017)
  • PLNU Vocal Jazz Festival (~Mar 18) (Spring 2017)
  • 11th Annual Oceanside Vocal Jazz Festival (Apr 7-8) (Spring 2017)
  • Spring Vocal Jazz Concert (~May 7) (Spring 2017)
  • TBA Collaborations w/ Grossmont College Jazz Ensemble